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WA Medical Law on outdoor growing

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CommieNerd, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Ive been searching all morning here, and on Google for an answer to this question: I am moving to WA, hopefully by December and when the weather there warms up after winter, I would like to grow outdoors. We have a chance at moving into an area great for growing: these small clearings in the woods where they have built homes with huge "yards" around them. I want to block off an area "out back" and grow about 10sq ft of plants, most being bud. I have to say most because the misses wants veggies too.

    Anyway, I cant find if this is legal to do or not with a MMJ card. I know they can be more strict than, say, OR on MMJ but I cant find THIS answer. Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.
  2. I just got my card last month in washington and I was talking with the doctor about this. As long as its not in public view its ok. but seeming as youre moving to washington good luck with your outdoors on account of it rains so much here lol. its called washing a ton for a reason
  3. So outdoors there is slower or what, because it seemed like everything is always green there, all year long.
  4. no its possible to grow outside here, ive had a few friends who have done it with good results. Theres just a lot that goes into it around here, such as deer, bugs, weather. you definitley are gonna want to put up some screens and fences around where u plan on doing it, or get a green house.
  5. Any idea what the restriction is for growers that donate to co-ops are?
  6. Not sure on that, but I know we dont have co-ops anymore. Theres these delivery guys around that I think you can sell to.
  7. What about Green Cross, Tacomacross, and North End Club 420? That one was in operation in July because I almost got to go tour it.

    Yea, I'm hoping to start a co-op, or join one, and deliver too. Get a fleet of smarts and vespas.
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    Depends where u live really it doesn't rain alot east of the cascades at all in fact its pretty much a dessert in southeast wa get ya facts straight
  9. First, outdoor does fine in Seattle, it does great even. The rain in which we get the majority of is in the winter. Hell we have not had any rain in over a week now and i had to go water my outdoor. Normally we get enough, with no need to do that... decent enough draining and plenty of room for roots go go means good results, i've not flowered here yet but I am right now.. my buddy's crop is looking great and a lot of the outdoor i see from around here is great stuff.

    as far as donating to the co-ops which we have plenty of still and plenty of dispensaries as well.. its a no non technically but the medicine has to come from somewhere, just be willing to accept $175 donation from the co-ops and dispensaries.
  10. indoor might be alot easier for you when you move here to washington, but if you can do outdoor here then more power to you because on the days we actually do get sun its beautiful here, and as for the limit i was under the impression it is 10-15 plants? i might have to check up on that.
  11. I received an email from the Green Cross today. It didn't answer all my questions, but one thing I found interesting was that patients can't sell to dispensaries. You have to be a caretaker? Below is the email, but I'm still foggy on what the relationship between the growers and the co-ops are. And I want to do both, because I want to join the teamsters there and grow for a living while I'm on disability, then let it fund my career as a video and film professional. Maybe you guys can help piece my answers from your own experience and this email:

    "The ever-changing law in Washington State is a little more conservative than say California. There are two things you are capable of doing in the state of Washington. Becoming a patient, or becoming a caretaker for a patient. A patient is capable of obtaining, using and cultivating their own medication. A caretaker is only allowed to grow, or have in possession, the patient's medication. The caretaker is not allowed to use the cannabis themselves.

    To become a caretaker, you will have to be over the age of 18 and a resident of the state. You would have to network with a patient in-order to become their caretaker. There is not a list of patients looking for caretakers. To become a patient, you will need to establish a primary care physician. They will need to be assessing one of the qualifying conditions. We can use your Washington record with your out-of-state records to monitor your on-going treatments. Based on the fact that your doctor has exhausted multiple treatments to treat your symptoms without any success, our doctor may be able to recommend cannabis as an alternative treatment.

    I have attached a basic information page with the qualifying conditions. I have also attached a release of information form for you to fill out. That would be our request to obtain your medical records. Once we receive them, we can contact you for an appointment. After our doctor recommends the use of cannabis, you would be legal to use, obtain, and grow your own medication."
  12. So dispensaries are illegal in Washington?
  13. Grey Area.

    They are legal in Seattle as the city has ordinance in place for them. You will find here there are some "rural" ie dispensaries that operate outside city limits a lot of the time in which the county does not typically give a shit. Sherrifs in pierce for the most part have better shit to deal with (like ticketing people for going 5 over in a 30mph zone)

    We operate along the same lines as they operate in California.. they are illegal in both states but "legal" under gray areas.
  14. Well, I had gotten an email saying many were being shut down. I want to eventually open one, or get hooked up with one, but the green cross said to talk to a lawyer. I just thought that the state condoned the dispensing of MMJ, and condoned the donation of medicine a reciprocal donation of money. Is that not the case?
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    There have been no "major closures" unless the cities are kicking dispensaries out. I know spokanne has been pretty crazy but lots of illegal shit and sketch stuff going on there.. feds wont touch Seattle.

    In Seattle they are LEGAL within confines of city and state law.

    It is up to individual jurisdictions.. Tacoma is being kinda a pain in the ass, the rural shops not so much of a problem and none of the places i use have been closed.

    Some in Kent did.. but the city does not want them there, fine.. Counties themselves appear to be the new loophole. oh and rejection of coverage.
  16. It is still illegal to grow outside in Washington state. Has been in hot contention up here, because the weather where I live is very condusive to growing, and everyone is hooked to the 'grid' because of inside only growing laws.
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    This is wrong. There is no "law" that implies we can or cannot grow outside as our own protections and law is written in a way that states we can only cultivate our own.

    There is no stipulation in Washington law that states you can or cannot grow indoors or outdoors.. it merely states you are allowed to cultivate up to15 plants at a time regardless of plant stage and possess up to 28 ounces of dried cured cannabis.

    I know of one outdoor grow specifically that was inspected by the local Sherrif to insure appropriate notifications were up (we have to have a legal copy of our authorization or original both on tamper proof paper posted at our outdoor grow site)

    I have a plant outside loving the beautiful day we are having.

    Rules are simply that they must be protected and inaccessible to the general public and non visible.

    We are allowed to grow, plain and simple - There is no stipulation as to where we can grow providing for ourselves.

    What i do understand is that in some communities outdoor growers and patients are themselves persecuted and harrased by cops and citizens in which unfortunately not much can seemingly be done. If the locals are not on your side, growing outdoors will be hell no matter what.

    And I could be completely wrong man, and maybe something new came into effect? I need copy of the law though.. I read the shit out of our law to gain as much insight into it as i could and I've not found anything that talks about us growing outside or inside.

  18. The part that states that it has to be protected and inaccessible to the general public and non visible is the part that is causing the issue. No amount of 'protection' is good enough, even if you have a pack of dogs making it protected, and no level of 'inaccessible' counts, even a 10ft fence in this county won't cut it. They will uphold inside, they cut down what's outside.
    Here's our new bill as of June: It's an interesting read. Passed Legislature/5073-S2.PL.pdf

  19. err, dospensaries are legal all over washington lol...

    good luck growing outside with all the rain, if you do grow outside make sure you dont plant them so you can at least shelter them when it does
  20. Well, in my experience, I've never had a plant hate rain. And it really doesn't rain that much, just cloudy and drizzle. LOL

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