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  1. Hey all,
    I'm a college engineering student with a summer internship lined up and was just notified of a pre-employment hair test, for me to take in 2 weeks. I last smoked weed and salvia a month ago, stupid of me. I am already planning on shaving my head to 1/4" tomorrow, in addition to taking all of my body hair to 1/4" too. Should I shave armpit hair or leave it, giving them longer hair to test if they need it? I had a sweatshirt on when I smoked so I don't think there would have been any smoke contact there.
    Since weed is legal under state law do you think there is any room for me to negotiate if I do fail the test? I am a musician and can argue that I am fairly frequently exposed to THC smoke when my band plays gigs or when I attend concerts. It's not like they have anyone else that they are hiring for the position so in the case that I fail could I negotiate for random drug tests while I work there? Or in that case am I pretty much out of luck?
    Thanks in advance, wish me luck

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    "I had a sweatshirt on when I smoked so I don't think there would have been any smoke contact there." What? The chemicals they test for are grown INTO the hair from the weed being metabolized by the body.
    Here's the thing about hair tests... as long as the thc (or whatever compound they test for) is in your body, it is being placed into your new hair growth. So lets say you stop smoking, it may be in your system one month later because it is stored in fat and slowly released as your fat stores turn over.
    Now I dont know if fat turnover releases enough to be detectable in hair, but it may be.
    So even if you stopped a month ago it may be in all your new hair growth since then.
    Also, they typically test the closest 1.5inches (or cm, i cant remember) to the scalp - checking the last three months up until employment.
    Edit: For engineering jobs, its not really an issue of legality - it is a safety concern (product and personal) and insurance (for the company) related.
  3. Thanks cosmos, I was under the impression that hair contamination was caused by direct exposure to smoke but what you're saying makes sense. I intend to do the "Macujo Method" as it seems to have the most positive feedback online. Apple cider vinegar, clean and clear (salicylic acid), tide detergent, aloe shampoo. Any idea if there is hope for me if I fail?

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