WA bastards come sign decriminalization senate bill

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Madrid, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. excellent news! i read about the hearing and someone said as a joke, "yea marijuana is a gateway drug. i used to grow my own dope and now i brew my own beer." the senate erupted in laughter followed by the man saying just kidding lol that is PRICELESS.
  2. Yea I watched it online, this one senator kept cracking jokes he was awesome.

    They were talking about how much an oz is, and everyone was like "I don't know how much it is". Then the one senator was like "I remember from my old days 28 grams to an Oz". Then later on in the middle of some guys testimony the senator blurts out with "I remember this cartoon I saw where there was a pot smoker and a police man holding a gun to his head. The caption said 'Pot causes brain damage'".

    Then at the end this faggot comes up and talks about the outdated gateway theory and uses all these loaded statistics and then two senators come back to him and are like "is that not just because marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug?" and "psychology has shown how some people have addictive personalities and will hold on to anything, is that number you just cited not much higher for alcohol?"..

    I'm just like "wtf I love my state".
  3. ha yup! west coast seems to be where the rationally minded people are at. im stuck on the east coast :[
  4. is there a link anywhere for this video sir? Sounds absolutely hilarious.
  5. I was detained by the police with two other friends in Seattle for something marijuana related...they found 1/4 ounce of dank bud that we hid. TIME FOR THE LAW TO CHANGE

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