w00t: got some lsd coming

Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. i sure this has been posted alot but im jst letting everyone know how happy i am that i finaly get to get some acid :D , its sorta xpensive, 80bucks for 10hits, but i hear its good. now heres a question, should i bother buying any weed this weekend, or should i jst wait and not really worry bout smoking cause ill have acid, let me know, i dont think i will but if people say it adds somthing then i will.
  2. Fuckin A man, good job gettin the cid but that shouldnt set you back more than 50-70 bucks!
  3. damn i knew we were gettin rippd off, my friend found it and agreed with the deal, so i didnt really ahave much say, i might try this other friend of mine who might be able to help me out and hes always cheap
    but thnx
  4. thats what i payed for the hits i got now.. 8 a piece.

    dont plan on tripping until you are starting to feel the acid, because lots of times, it falls through. when it doesnt, lots of times its bunk. but good luck.

    i like to smoke weed right when i peak, it sends me into another world and the visuals are like BAM!!!!

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