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W t F?!?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CoNsPiRaCy, May 28, 2004.

  1. WtF?
    my grandpa caught me smokin at his house da otha day.. it was funny as fuck he comes outside (i thought they were gone) n says god damn dat smells like some good shit.. i was like wtf... he sat down next to me n started talkin to me bout how square his son is(my dad) and how he smoked weed since he was 14 i was like damn u wna hit dis? i swear to god i took 1 hit offa dis bowl and he fuckin chiefed da whole thing in 1 hit ... hes like well at least my sons son is smokin da good shit.. i feel really weird smokin wit my grandpa but he showed me his old wood pieces .. hes got some tight ones he says he's gna give them to me n meh bros since we all smoke lol.. has dis happened 2 ne1 else? or nething near dis .. its really weird..
  2. that is too cool.........i have no grandparents now, only 1 lived to see me....... :( that he smokes out.........Sid
  3. man that kicks ass...bud smokin' runs in my family too...havent smoked with a relative yet though :(
  4. Damn gramps you gonna put somethin on that...this shit aint free!!!
  5. hahaha!! damn thats tight! my grandpa smokes cigars, i should light up a philly with him and see whats happens haha
  6. ^^ haha lmao

    "sooo....u gonna pass that doobie?"
  7. ^^ then that dog started talking :D lmao

  8. phillys taste like shii as a cigar
  9. lmao..sorry I just got the image in my head of grandpa saying
    "pass dat shit!" lol..
  11. that is the shiznitz! i wish that would happen to me. only it would be my uncle. lmfao that would be good. i think he does smoke though. too bad he lives in denver and i live in omaha nebraska....... sucks, why did my mom have to move here..........

  12. sorry for your loss, what was it that killed him, and you still have, was it a fever?............only 1 granny was still alive when i was born, kinda wish i could have got to see them..........Peace out..........Sid
  13. I can sorta share an experience. I lit up with my cousin just 4 days ago, and I hit a huge bowl with my uncle 2 weeks ago when we were camping. Good times, my family has a long line of pot in it.
  14. i think if my grandparents would smoke we'd get along a whole lot better.... but both my parents smoke, so i guess its still cool...
  15. dude thats awesome...bringing together from all ages:D

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