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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ilovegoogle34, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Is it worth anything? I used to take adderall, I'm prescribed for it. But they put me on this stuff called Vyvanse and I don't use any of it. I have a whole bottle sitting there.
  2. Yes, it's a pro-drug d-amphetamine. So it's more "pure" than Adderall but because it's a pro-drug it's essentially time-release.
  3. it contians less dex than adderall , i find it nice tho
  4. Is it about the same price for adderall? People here sell 10mg tablets for $1 per, and 25mg capsules for $2. I have thirty 30mg Vyvanse capsules.

  5. It's lisdexamphetamine. It is digested by a certain enzyme in the body. Taking a higher dose won't make the effects stronger, just last longer.
    It's a mild d-amp high.
    Better than nothing.
  6. they take a while to kick in. but i like em cause they are stronger then adderalls

    THATS just my opinion
  7. What are you talking about? Taking higher doses makes the effects stronger no doubt about that. I've taken it many times.
  8. I don't understand at all.

    So, in theory, if I took two 70 mg caps, it would be exactly the same as taking one, but it would just last longer?

    If taking a higher dose won't make the effects stronger, then what is the purpose of there being different milligram capsules available in the first place? What difference is there in taking two 30 mg caps than taking one 60 mg cap (I don't even know if 60s actually exist, but you get the point)?

    If I sound stupid, forgive me. I'm just confused.
  9. ^Try reading the wikipedia articles on 'lisdexamphetamine' and 'pro-drug'. Those will give you a more thorough chemical explanation of the metabolization of Vyvanse.
  10. What he said isn't true. The higher the dosage, the stronger the effect (whoa so unexpected).
  11. 70mg should actually be enough. I was prescribed the 30mg ones and taking 2 or 3 got me concentrated. It's kinda like adderall without the 'rush' or whatever.
  12. I've taken it many times too.

    Taken straight from the wiki. The body uses certain enzymes to take the lysine amino acid off. Until that amino acid is removed, lisdexamphetamine is an inactive compound.
    Also, I incorrectly phrased my last comment. Taking more will result in more of the drug being released, but there is a limit to how much dexamphetamine that your body will release at one time, because there is a limit to how much lysine the body can digest at once.
    Vyvanse is more of a slow release, and the drug that is not released stays in the body until you have enough of the enzyme to digest the drug.
    Once you hit the max dose that your body can digest at one time, taking more will not automatically take off the amino acid and make the drug effective.

    One 70 mg pill felt equivalent to about a 20mg pill, but there was no noticeable "come up," no rush, and a less forced stimulation, at least for me.
  13. I stayed awake for 5 days and nights on 2 seperate doses of 150mg (2 days apart). I started slightly tripping from sleep depravation...

    kinda fun I guess, made me wanna try coke hahaha
  14. Vyvanse is the SHIT. I love it, it has really improved my life. Sure it's not great for recreation but if you really have ADD or ADHD, it's a god send.
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