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Vyvanse and Alprazolam(xanax)? Will it work?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by neff, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I was today prescrived Vyvanse for my ADD and it really helps me keep focused and I get alot done. I'll put it this way, I do really enjoy the way it makes me feel and how I am able to get a lot more done than before.. but the one thing that I very much do not like is the anxiety. Before taking this I had mild anxiety when about to do something, or if someone was going to come over, or something along the lines of that. But when the event actually occurs and starts I don't feel anxious... anyways.. I'm going to go to the doctor tommorow and tell him about the anxiety I've been having while using this medication, and seeing if he would prescribe me some sorta of xanax, or kpin type of pill to use during my 'trip' of Vyvanse.

    My question is, has anyone here used Vyvanse and Benzos at the same time? What are the effects on the Vyvanse that the Benzos cause ? I've read that it is fine to take the two together, but I would rather read a testimonial from someone on here with a real experience with them.

    Tell me about the effects that it will have on me, and will I lose some of the senses that I have on Vyvanse such as the ability to focus and be a lot more into what task I'm currently doing?

    Thanks alot!
  2. It's incredibly pointless IMO since the vyvanse has to be metabolized into amphetamine before you can even feel it (thus no real "enjoyable" high/rush), and the benzos will take away from that even further.

    I've tried it before with both adderall/dexedrine and vyvanse. Benzos and adderall make it a lot smoother but with the vyvanse it doesn't really feel recreational. It's nice if you want to be alert but not a really fun time.

  3. I didn't really enjoy Adderall for the fun of it because of the speedyness of it, which is why I dont like most rolls because of the anxiety i get from the, most likely, amphetamines that are in them. I don't plan to take Vyvanse for any other reason except if I need to work on something all day, or for school. So in that sense, will the benzos help me with the anxiety I feel from it?
  4. Yeah, just take the vyvanse first and take a small amount of the benzo when you start to feel the vyvanse. Start small since you can always take more to get you to where you want to be.

    Too much benzo will pretty much cancel it out so, less is more.

  5. Okay thank you very much.. though I do like my benzos for when I'm not on vvanse ;)
  6. It's just kiddy-speedballing. Your mixing an upper and a downer. Just feels unsettle, I guess.

  7. LOL wat u tlaking about dude.,. fucking vyvanse is the fucking same thing as Adderall only its got an enzyme that makes it impossible to snort it and takes like 2 hours to kick in ... Lol
  8. ^ Yeah, thus it has no "rush" like adderall since it has to go through first pass metabolism.

    I've had vyvanse and it fucking sucks if you're trying to get the same feeling as adderall.

  9. lol it still feels pretty damn good.. NOT LIKE ADDERALL RUSH.. but still feels bomb regardless.
  10. Fuck adderall, vyvanse is 5x better.

  11. SHHH i know i just dont wanna start an arguement

    vyvanse is well worth the 2 hour wait to kick in .. but when it doesssss GOD DAMN LOOK OUT

  12. We'll not to be a douche but all in all I could careless if its like adderall or not.. cause it does the same exact thing adderall did to me, made me do good in school, thats all I wanted. I just don't like the anxiety and wanted some kind of benzo to negate that.
  13. Correct me if i'm wrong but I always assumed that adderall/vyvanse was suppose to have the opposite effect on someone who has ADD/ADHD. It would seem illogical to give someone with a condition that makes them restless, unable to concentrate, and energetic, speed lol.

    Personally I don't see how anyone uses adderall for recreational use. Shit makes me feel good for an hour and then absolutely miserable for the next 12. If that's 'recreational' count me out.

  14. All exactly what I was thinking.

    OP: as for the combo...I can't give a personal testimonial but I had a close buddy describe in detail how it effected him. He said they both did a fine job of eliminating both problems but in a way it wasn't worth it. He mentioned the fact that he had to take a second medication just to offset the effects of the first medication. He also mentioned how "removed" he felt from his normal self and said taking both meds made him feel so "far from baseline". He took Vyvanse and xanax. Everyone's different though, and I hope you find what works for you.

  15. Hmm I suppose it is worth a try, I mean if it doesn't work then I don't have to take both.. I suppose it's just a hit or a miss

  16. This, based on the symptoms you described and my few years of experience, is the best advice. Just be careful, this combo is one that takes a lot of willpower to stay on the right path.

  17. What do you mean? Do you think I am going to abuse this combination? I personally am not a fan of using this stuff other than for school, recreational I' not an amphetamine person.. So I will certainly not become addicted to it, I have the bottle right next to me and I have no urge to use it at all, only for school.

    But i do enjoy benzos recreationally, though I think I could use them for medication as well.
  18. You might want to tell the doctor that you need it for sleep and occassionally during the day.

    The best way to avoid a bad comedown is to mix pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapaten (Nuerontin) in hot water and drink. It do this abou woul Wait a bit and then pop either a benzo or opiate. The lyrica completely bypasses comedowns for most stimulants and immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It is a strong potentiator for both opiate and benzos so they are stronger and last almost twice as long. Lyrica is best absorbed with food in the tummy.

    Anyways, I like it, get to enjoy the energy and focus/drive to be productive... followed by a nice enjoyable high. I felt so good I didn't even sleep after vyvanse/coke run. just enjoyed the other high.

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