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  1. anyone know anything about vyvance, snorted 2 today and smoked alll day
  2. Never heard of em, how was it? What are they?
  3. Why would you snort vyvanse.

    It takes effect after your liver processes it so snorting it would be pretty dumb.
  4. You wasted 2 via snorting. It's a pro-drug. You have to take it by mouth.
  5. vyvance is like the new aderal right?
  6. Correct. Vyvanse is what your most likely going to get prescribed to when you say you have ADD/ADHD now. Vyvanse is taken orally, so you messed that up. Depending on the mg and your tolerance 2 20-70 mg pill should make you have a pretty good time. Overdosing is pretty easy on them as well, so don't get to cocky. Have fun, Stay safe.
  7. I have some 70mg ones for a while, they are nuts.
  8. Don't snort them, the medication gets released when it combines with your liver and stomach juices. Snorting them does nothing, but if you pop them you'll get a blissfull rush.

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