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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 23, 2002.

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  1. I read this today and thought it was funny:

    \"on the way to the office today there was a girl in a VW bug with a fake flower attached to the antenna, flower sticker on the window, stuffed bear in the window and covers on the tail lights so that they would glow like two flowers. All i could think to myself was.....man, this chick has got to have one hairy pussy.\"
  2. HahhahahahahahahLMAO hahahahahahaha
  3. I am a VW owner. 1968 Bug. Decked out in \'68 memorabilia and other fun stuff. What about hair?
  4. trim that shit!

    no pufro\'s here!
  5. V dubs are cool
  6. a friend of mine is a VW fanatic. he has no hair, and looks like he should be drivin a harley. it takes all kinds i guess

    he\'s got an old beetle that he rebuilt from the ground up, a baja that he\'s built from the ground up, and a rabbit. at least that\'s all he had when i left....
  7. I love VW, right now i\'m really into jettas, i know if i had like $30,000 i could be able to drag race one of them fuckers like a bat out of hell. Ya can really put HP into German engines. My 12-yr-old cousin has a vw bug from the 60s, her daddy gave it to her for her b-day (spoiled bitch). I don\'t really like the bugs. It would have to be one from the 60s, and green, i like green. (a dark green)
  8. big VW fan here, anything German for me is good... Especially beer. But I\'ve driven a Passat and Jetta and they are both phenomenal cars that really could be easily pimped out. Very high quality!
  9. Lol, nice one !!

  10. Lol......your car kicks ass dude chill :)

  11. My boyfriend and I are working on rebuiling a 1967 VW and might be getting a sweet deal on a 1971 VW that will be the next project, gotta love VWs
  12. the beetle is a very good car- but it\'ll never beat the ORIGINAL Mini (the new one\'s just crap). However the coolest potential stoner mobile are those little vw camper vans- Just imagine- go to a remote beach somewhere and just set up camp and get baked and drive back the next morning... all you need is stored in one of those little fuckers- and what a beast for music festivals. Oh yes- this little stoner must get one! My only problem... Money...

  13. Right on!! Those are badass for sure!
  14. For a while, everytime me and my best friend went out of the house we would run into this blue VW stoner van, I think we have some stalkers.
  15. Hmm, pretty obvious thing to stalk someone in!!
  16. anyone seen the new VW van? they are the best ever .. i want iwaniwaniwaniwaniwan iwana iwanta I WANTA I WANT A VW VAN! anyone got a pic they could post? damn love the bug and the van
  17. haha.. oops hand read that yet... just wanted to mention the VW Van before i forgot! stml precautions.
  18. aw heck we gotta get a pic loaded now then!
  19. i found a better pic than this but i aint got the tools on this computer to change it to a web format. oh well this pic will have to do.

    o wonder if they gonna make a version with round headlights... i hope so it looks alot better.

    oh! and heres the website incase some of u couldn\'t figure out vw.com

  20. Pefect stoner vehicle with the \"blunt\" nose. Corny but couldn\'t help myself!
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