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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tr3-0, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Glass or Wraps?
    Personaly i prefer Bongs*
    Unpersonaly what do you like?
    ;)But on a more serious note...
    I actually own 2 glass Bongs Strom, and Pearl.
    [​IMG]i enjoy bongs so much whenever someone asks if im smoking they say...
    "Is it BongTime?":bongin:
    And of course,
    It's allways BongTime!
    It's pretty rare that i ever hit a blunt
    Blunt=Crap:D No offence to blunt lovers*
    But if for whatever reason i can't have bong time iRoll a fAt coney.
    Bakk to the point> ya'll know me, or at least how iSmoke... how about you?

  2. glass, hands down. I like blunts and joints for once in a while occasions, but I like glass for everyday situations. spoons, bubblers, bongs... :smoking:
  3. I always would prefer a nice bong, although i can never refuse a joint or blunt. Pipes and bubblers are better for on-the-go smoking.
  4. why would a pipe or bubbler be better than a joint or blunt for on the go smoking, pipes need two hands, joints/blunts need one, the weed can fall out of pipes but not joints or blunts (if there rolled decently). I like using pieces but rolling is definitely more portable lol
  5. I meant that in comparison to a bong
  6. oh I see, then I completely agree lol
  7. i ....LOVE....blunts.....its like the classy way of smoking herb......think about it...a weed cigar!@!!!11!!!!!!11!!!!one!!!!one!!!111
  8. Glass is more efficient but theres nothin like just chillin in your backyard in the middle of the summer with a nice firm blunt in your hand.

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