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  1. So I have this vox valvetronix. Its a hybrid amp. It has one 12ax7 in the preamp and the rest is digital amp modeling. Its a good sounding amp, if a little "harsh" at times. I assume this is because its not fully tube (planning on getting on of those soon) and because the modeling software alone doesn't sound good (play the amp with headphones, it bypasses the tube and sounds flat and lifeless.)

    So what I what to know is, would it be possible to remove the shitty japanese DSP and replace it with a different DSP program? If this is possible I would use the amp modeling from agile partners amp kit (iphone app.) Probably impossible but I think it would sound incredible with the high quality modeling warmed up a little by the tube in the vox.
  2. You already know the answer. I've gone throgh the hybrid amp thing. Right now I just run a jcm2000 tsl601. It's a screamer. Go all tube man.

  3. I'm actually getting a laney cub12r. all tube and a lot of bells and whistles for a 15 watter. The vox still works (sometimes) so I figure I might as well tinker with it.
  4. I don't think it will work. There is probably some hardware in amp that was designed in conjunction with the software. You might be able to slave the power amp to something else, but you'd be better off just getting a new amp. If you want some more good low wattage amps, the Orange Tiny Terror and Blackstar HT5 are great choices.

  5. i wanted the tiny terror but its pretty pricey, plus I've heard bad things about it. The laney seems like a good amp plus you can run it at 15 or <1 watt so you can push the power tubes without getting the cops called to your house. I still like the vox though the cleans with a single coil are pretty good. Plan to smoke a bowl and play tonight once I get the place to myself:smoke:

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