Voting Republican? WTF?

Discussion in 'General' started by shakemytrees, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Why vote for a republican? I mean... come on. Steve Kubby is cool, and even if you vote in... say... Obama, its not like your gonna have to quite smoking... we're already doing it illegally anyways. At least you'll have those cool freedoms protected.
  2. Why would anyone other than the extremely wealthy vote republican??

    In my opinion, the only logical choice. ;)

  4. He probably wont even be a choice.

    Republican Party FTL.
  5. Our household is voting Conservatives.
    Liberals fucked up my province.
  6. Wait a minute... he has a kick ass format. Why is he still republican though...?
  7. Its about the candidates not the parties.
  8. probably because he realizes that they has never been a president in the past 100 years who hasnt been from one of the two major political parties.

    and considering hes from texas, I doubt he'd run as a democrat.
  9. Candidates get to much pressure from there parties for that to be true.
  10. So whenever i go vote i should just vote straight ticket without looking at the candidates? Cause its obviously the party members calling the shots...
  11. I'm afraid you're wrong. Ron Paul is not remotely a neo-conservative... which is what every other Republican running is. He's a classical Republican, a constitutionalist libertarian which is what the original Republican/Federalist party was founded on. Unfortunately, thanks to people like you who cannot look past political parties, he's got to play the game and run as a Republican instead of a Libertarian, which he has done before.

    You guys can keep pretending Obama's got a shot... but Hillary's got that party locked up and sent the key to Guantanamo. She's a neo-con aswell, just like Kerry which is why she's got a legitimate shot at winning come Nov.4th.

    Divide and Conquer. If we keep getting caught up in this Red vs. Blue bullshit, this Country is going to continue to spiral out of control.

    Ron Paul will withdraw from Iraq and maintain a non-interventionlist foreign policy.
    He'll convert us to the FairTax program.
    And he'll try to abolish Prohibtion and other victimless crimes.

    I cannot figure what our generation wants him to do besides paint his face blue... ?
  12. If I vote I will be voting republican. My first choice is Ron Paul but I disagree with the Dems too much to vote for them.

    I am too conservative to vote Dem. Add that to my pro life, anti illegal immigration, and anti socialized medicine views and Republicans are my main choice.
  13. Damn, you didnt even state the 2 best stances of RP.

    1) he wants the hemp farming act where americans can farm hemp and become self-sufficient. hemp as im sure you know can be used as a biomass fuel, for paper, rope, clothes, ect... tons of textile products.

    2) he wants to stomp the real id act from ever happening

    unfortunately I dont think we should have a 100% withdrawl from Iraq, which is what RP said he would do.
  14. Rudy Guliani ust looks like a criminal. you cant look like and be a criminal and get elected. we all know you have to look as innocent as possible, and get the people to believe you wont fuck their lives up. I dont think Guliani has a chance.

    You should look into Obama's stances.

    And I dont think Clinton has the dem party on lock. Its early as fuck to be saying anyone is a lock for the parties nomination. I think Obama has a great chance to gain momentum. I think Hiliary is peaking at the wrong time. The elections are over a year away (if they ever happen).
  15. Bah! Right it down, take a picture. It's going to be Clinton vs. Romney. Romney wins.

    I've seen this movie before.
  16. Damn, if i knew about him a would have never made this thread... i was blinded by color. Ooops.
  17. Yeah ive already volunteered to help distribute yard signs and stickers for RP in my city. I dont think he has a chance, but you cant complain if you dont atleast try to make a difference.
  18. I always like the underdog in the partys when they havent had chosen one person. which would be Ron Paul . i like Libertareans the best. and i dont see any of them becomeign president. but maybe if he can become more Charismatic he will have a shot. and just run as the average old guy where hes down to earth and lets you do your own thing.
  19. Ron Paul's got much more of a chance of winning the primaries than Obama does.

    But if you really want him to have a chance and you live in one of these States, you will have to Register as a Republican to cast your vote for him in the Primaries. New Yorkers, and New Hamshireans have until the 12th of this month to change party affiliations, to the Republican party.
  20. I don't consider myself a Dem. but I usually vote that way cause recently the Repub. Party and the Neo Conned movement has dragged our country back at least 30 years.

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