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  1. my wallet went through the wash and I need a new voting registration card, where do I get one, it says voting registration centers but I don't know where those are.
  2. You could probably get one online.
  3. At the place you vote at, on the day of voting.
  4. so I can vote without it?

    I remember them asking for it last time I voted.
  5. The place I vote at has it all on file.
  6. Well guess what? Not everyone lives in Pleasantville, USA! Fuck.......

    (sorry if every voting site does have it all on file, just needed to get some douchebagness out)
  7. she actually lives Northshore Minnesota asshole, atleast she offered some kind of contribution, you are just an unwanted asshole.

  8. Hey man, I have feelings too :(. What do you reccomend I do to stop being such an asshole? What do you guys do up there on the Florabama line? I'm not down with incestry, or beastiality. Got any others?
  9. Incestry is not a word
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    I have Incestry in my ancestry, I'm not proud of it...

    Oh, try Republican or Democratic headquarters in your area, should be listed in the yellow pages.
  11. check your states website man, they'll definately have some info. worst case you can still vote with a picture ID and fill out a provisional ballot.
  12. thanks guys for all the help guys, i'll treck to the local republican headquaters and try to get a new one.

  13. Kettle. meet pot. you're both black
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  14. Wtf? Why come on a thread and be a douche? Just answer the question if you can otherwise move on!

    Check out this link, Red:
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    I'm filling out the info now, I hate having to pick a party, I'm fucked if I choose one of the two partys in the state wide election, because I have to vote just for that party but if I register unaffiliated or other, I can't vote at all in the state election. Fuck it, I'll put republican.

  16. Wtf! Seriously? That sounds way too complex for a simple vote. Voter apathy must be pretty big there.
  17. It's the reason why people in this state either have the chance to vote for a really right wing conservative or a really left wing liberal democrat. No in between canidates here.

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