Voting On A Thread.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by SG1, May 20, 2013.

  1. How does one offer a vote on a threads worth?
    Can't figure it out.

  2. Right above the 'reply to this topic', top right of the first post is 'rate topic' and up to 5 stars.
  3. Not seeing it.
    I see reply to this topic, see the stars, see unfollow this topic and members following this topic.
    No rate topic though. Hhmmmm ;)
  4. The stars are the rating.  You can click 1-5 stars.  I gave this thread 5 stars, can you see the change.?  If you rate it 1 star it'll be 2.5 overall.. I dare you to rate your own thread a 1. Lol.
    Then there's the best answer function.
  5. you click the stars dude
  6. That's what I've tried all along.
    The stars don't respond to my clicks.
    Seams to be a tech issue on my end.
    Thanks for the responses :)

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