Voters In Seven States Will See These Marijuana Questions On Election Day

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  1. I am a michigan medical grower and look forward to the upcoming recreational legalization. It will allow me to raise my plant limit from 60 to 72 and that is my standby in case I can't afford the microbusiness license or class A license.
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  2. I would not count on being able to up your plant count or keep as much product as the new law says. It conflicts with the medical law and will be very grey area.
    Unless you have a good attorney on retainer that is.
  3. my plan was to have 12 for personal "recreational use" and then caregive for 5 patients for the other 60. I am unconcerned with possession amounts as the people I caregive for are caregivers as well(they don't grow though).
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  4. Will the MI law, if passed, allow sales to out of state purchases??
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  5. I’m sorry bout the typo. That’s what I ment. If I drive up and want to walk in and buy buds. I’m mostly interested to know if that extends to clones as well. Love to try and find a couple clone only strains from a verifiable source.
  6. MI would be fools to only allow purchase from residents. Especially when most of the cannabis that is leaving Oregon is ending up in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois area

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