Voters back anti-DC, anti-establishment candidates

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Norma Stits, May 19, 2010.

  1. Just curious to see what y'all think of this..

    Personally, i don't know enough about any of these candidates to say whether they'll make any sort of difference.. but i am very pleased that people are looking at other options besides for this republican/democrat/conservative/liberal mess that we seem to be in.

    Will this help propel some sort of 3rd party to make a run in the 2012 pres election?

    Will the media try and beat up on this "tea party" even more?

    anyway.. just curious on people's thoughts on this..

    Voters back anti-DC, anti-establishment candidates - Yahoo! News

  2. I think people are figuring out that they've been getting screwed pretty hard and are unhappy with the idea of banks stealing money from them and jobs disappearing.

    But, oddly enough they're getting this from the media, a lot of shit is out in the open now. Obama promised more transparency, I'll give him credit for that.
  3. I'd pin all the blame on FOX for being so racist and anti-government. There's only a certain amount of baseless propaganda the people can chew, so the truth has to come out in bits and pieces otherwise they'd lose all credibility.

    Why do you give Obama credit for this? :confused:
  4. He promised more government transparency, and I've noticed government becoming more transparent. :confused_2:

    I'd give credit to the media but they all work together and he called it. :D
  5. I was wondering the same thing when I read a similar article this morn, can they actually make a difference?

    Not really the same topic but...I saw a guy on the daily show (i think) that was talking about trying to change the way elections work so that we can break up the two party strangle hold on our country. His proposal was to have an open primary that everyone gets to vote on. At the end of that primary the two people with the most votes have a run off during the general election.

    I think it's a very interesting proposal and it really got me thinking after I heard the guy. Party affiliation wouldn't matter anymore, it would be all of us choosing from who we thought (with our votes) the two best candidates are. It could seriously open things up for third party candidates.

    Anyway, thought I'd express my shared sentiment and my interest in how all this is going to play out.
  6. ^^^ Like Jamayah said, Political Party affilation shouldn't matter anymore but I really doubt that a 3rd party can come to the National Spotlight.

    The change will most likely come from within the parties. True conservatives & constitutionalists like Rand Paul will hopefully be voted in by disgruntled people to change the Republican base from the current Neoconservative status quo.

    I believe Obama is nervous about losing his base and that's why most likely he visited Youngstown, OH yesterday. Old Jimbo Traficant is running as an Independent which will shake things up. Jim Traficant is runnning on a platform of eliminating the IRS which sent him to prison for 7 years and having troops stationed on the borders while illegals are kicked out.

  7. :laughing:
  8. Really guys?

    Neither of you can figure out how all of this information is getting out?

    What new piece of technology do we have that nearly didn't exist 20 years ago and now is available to everyone in the country?

    Don't you guys see how great of a tool this technology is? Information is power, folks.
  9. wtf did someone honestly just say that there is more transparency in the government?!

    get a fucking grip people

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