Discussion in 'General' started by willum8914, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. come on kids. dont try to be a billy badass and take the "im too cool to vote" if your a stoner, bitching about how weed should be legal, then heres your chance. just by voting, you can support the kind of oficials that can bring that dream to reality. so do us a favor, and vote.
  2. this is where most kids are though
  3. okay its still off topic though. maybe you shoulda told a story about mj and included, by the way vote. why dont you try that?
  4. I did vote, we lost by a landslide. I'm in Canada so voting was on the 28th.
  5. yeah I am def. gonna go out and vote...and all of you should do tooooo....pref. not for bush plz

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