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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Rectle-itch, May 18, 2006.

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  1. There should be a vote throughout the forum if someone is to be banned.

  2. I vote to ban Rectile-itch
  3. seconded, hear hear, *bangs gavel(sp? lol)*

    your gone mister!!!
  4. To bad you don\'t get to. If we all could vote there might be a chance, but you guys disagree so........
  5. yeah i disagree with voting people out

    i respect the decisions of the mods(when they are around) and the admins
  6. lol. there would be all hell if we had to vote, for one, the person being voted on can make TONS of names and change the vote,

    IF something of this nature happened, it would be a vote among the admins instead of just one of them deciding too, which is the best thing. A single admin, or mod, ALONE, should most def be allowed to make a ban when neccessary.
  7. Yeah.. its not like we were actually serious. It was basically an idea of how much the idea sucks is all.
  8. There\'s no disrespect just spitballin
  9. haha this ain\'t survivor bro
  10. Yeah i guess you\'re right voting\'s not that important. But there was once this man and his name was George Washington. George Washington believed in a free nation and voting. Do you think Abe Lincoln could of freed the slaves without voting or Ben Franklin could have been on the 100 dollar bill without voting....

  11. Well, you\'ve got free forums to go to and voting isn\'t something we do here when it comes to banning people. It\'s our decision and we do it for the sake of the City.
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