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Vote people! Do you think NY will pass legal weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ray420, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Eventually, not a chance in 2019
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  3. 2 votes short. I am trying to positive but I have to agree with you. I was hoping Illinois would sway some opinions but no big changes yet.
  4. I live in NJ, everything has been fucked on the cannabis front here for the last year, so when Cuomo said he wanted it legalized this year a couple months ago I thought well, looks exactly what NJ said and here we are. In NJ we were 1 or 2 votes short too, and now we are having trouble passing a medical expansion bill that has bipartisan support because they keep making fuckin amendments while we currently have 6 dispensaries in our state total and pay upwards of $460 an ounce for flower it is insane and legalization for us realistically is off the table until the 2020 presidential election where it will be put to the voters
  5. I will just have to stay positive for 2020 then :) I live 5 hours from a recreational dispensary in mass and I live an hour and a half from canada. I have no consistent hookup right now so for the time being I will just have to take little weekend vacations and hope this shit resolves soon. I’m tired of having to live with mental illness because I don’t agree with doctors prescriptions. Weed is so therapeutic with no repercussions for developed adults. Ny also sucks because unless you are dying, your chances of getting a medical marijuana card is slim.
  6. Yep, got my mmj card for anxiety in NJ, but still have to get flower off the street a lot of the time because prices are too high. It was tough to get a card in NJ until last March/April when Anxiety and chronic pain were added
  7. Same statement; different forum... apologies.
    Well, miracles DO happen. I awoke one morning to find that the State of Vermont government, had declared recreational reefer legal... all on their own! No referendums, no voting; just changed the law.
    NOW... it is still bollixed up because there is no method for legally BUYING reefer... but you can grow two mature plants and four immature plants. Come on; that IS a lot for personal recreation. Illicit pot has plummeting in price.
    The usual cautionary laws followed; discretion, one ounce possession limit (unless you grew it!), government buildings, schools... apartment houses, if complaints!
    It'll happen; it's just a question of when.
  8. Not anytime soon just like Jersey. There's a lot in the Press and a lot of hype about the governor wanting to do it but way too many obstacles eventually yeah I'm sure it'll pass but don't get your hopes up anytime soon my friend. We just elected a governor here in Jersey that promised within 90 days he would have it fully legal it's been 2 years and we're probably a few more years away so don't get fooled by the political hype. We're not Colorado or California sadly and we have way more propagandists and other obstacles to overcome before we can get there.

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  9. Once they get enough data on how to get the most tax and other benefits from legalization.
  10. Not yet. Too many obstacles still.
  11. I would say eventually. Hell, NY just passed law for illegal immigrants to get drivers license. So, yes. Weed will get legal there. And after that, probably shrooms too (like CO). Only thing left according to NY after that would be to legalize pedophilia <sarcasm>, and prostitution. Oh, and I forgot, free health-care for everyone except those here legally which those legal people will pay for out of their tax dollars.

    And don't you worry. After your weed gets legalized, there will be a huge public service campaign (paid by those who are here legally) to warn customers, not to buy from illegal dispensaries/individuals because, you know, you won't really know whats in your weed (PCP, mold, pesticides, etc.). Otherwise known as scare tactics. Make sure to read the laws (the actual print of the law, not the cliff notes <voter guide> version), so you know exactly what you are voting for. Think I'm crazy? I'll give u a clue, I live opposite coast as NY. And when those legal enterprises gain more and more power and possibly water/agricultural rights that will screw you over. If the law has provision to grow your own, I suggest that you do that, and not give the state gov't and/or businesses the satisfaction of taking your money. Make the legalization work for you, not some rich asshole(s). This is a public service announcement. You are welcome.
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