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Vote on which story you want me to tell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 13, 2003.


Which story do you want to hear?

  1. working on the movie

    0 vote(s)
  2. first weekend of sunshine and spring

    0 vote(s)
  3. wild crazy kid spends the night

    0 vote(s)
  1. OK gnag, I'm here at the computer for hte briefest of moments. Pick which story you want me to tell.

    Your choices are:

    #1 My time spent as an extra in the Tim Burton movie

    #2 The first weekend of sunshine and Spring

    #3 The wild crazy boy who my son invited to soend the night with us.

    Make your votes count and when I have time next week I tell you all a story that you will pass on to your friends. All 3 are good stories to hear.
  2. i'd like to hear all three, but if we can only get one, i vote for the wild kid. :D
  3. wild kid =)
  4. tell the story bout tha craxy dude that visited.
  5. If there is a story of a crazy kid spending the night, then it must be a good one. Tell that one first. I know the movie is exciting and that you dig seasons changing but the crazy kid sounds a bit more interesting to me right now.
  6. lol..yep crazy kid...sounds like me, wanna hear that one! :D
  7. I agree, the wild and crazy kids. Wait, wasn't that a show??
  8. lol that is my diablo char's name.
  9. Why don't ya tell the one about the time you dressed up like a nun and went to that catholic hospital and gave your mother-in-law an enema?

    Or was that you?
  10. Hahahahaha smokie, You know it was him! lol

    I had to go with every one else on that big brother!
  11. I want to know what happens on the first weekend of sunshine and spring. It sounds interesting...
  12. im guessing since you made this one more attracitve and stand outish by sayin wild and crazy, you want to tell i voted for that one

    id like to hear about the movie too tho.

  13. You sure do have a potty mouth to be bashing a mod. I ought to ban your ass out of the 'City right now, but I'm in a good mood so I'll let it pass.
  14. I'm sure he was just joking- please please please, don't just ban someone for making a bad joke at the expense of a mod (oh would it be ok for him to say that to a normal member btw?)- Shit, government officials have letters sent to them from amnesty international supporters for doing shit like that ( i should know I sent some ).
  15. Well, I have spent a week as an extra in a Tim Burton movie and got to meet Ewan McGregor and Richard Zanuck and the two Oscar winning producers of "American Beauty" and all of you want to hear the story about the little shit head 9 Yr old that is going to spend the night with my 8 yr old boy tonight.

    This is a democracy so here goes:

    My little girl is spending the night with a friend of hers. My son and the little shit are going to the rodeo with his parents. Around 10:00 the two boys are coming back to my house to play Nintendo and sleep over.

    That means me and my wife will have 4 hours in our own home with no kids to watch. Smoking, drinking, and quick hot sex.

    Oh, and the sleep over is set for tonight. That's the extent of the story because I didn't think I would be here today to tell my story. Call times for extras today are 4:30 pm with an expected wrap time of 5:00 pm. I like the movie business but not enough to stay sober on a friday night for minmum wage.

  16. What he said!!!! ^^^^
  17. I can't believe no one wants to hear my stories about the movie. I was in a scene with an elephant and them bi mofo can let out a bunch of potent farts that make your hair fall out.

    A thunderstorm hit and the crew pretty much bailed on the extras and a circus tent isn't tha safest place.

    But I'll hold all my movie stories until after the little shit spends the night and I'll tell it Monday.

    And probably the best story was the first weekend of spring, with an old buddy coming down from TN, digging up worms and fishing and getting all my haircut off, (with pictures) But, I'll hold it off for a while to.

    Have a nice weekend. BPP!
  18. I just learned something about Poppa that I didn't know....HE'S A TEASE!!!! Do you also strip while you tease us??? I bet you do!!!! ;)
  19. Only in front of the warddrobe assistants! Too bad they are gay!

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