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  1. What's up? This is my first post, but don't think it's just spam. I'm in a group called Smoke Screen from Cleveland and we just got nominated for Best New Group for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards! If you like hip hop, you can hear the music @ (check the track "Smoke Everywhere" for the Grandma's Boy sample). If you dig what you hear at all, you can vote for us @ Let me know what you think.


  2. that smoke everywhere track was dope. good luck
  3. haha you gots some lines by nas cept u changed the words round u chill tho got nice flow
  4. Yeah I was paying homage to Nas with that line.

    "Understandable smooth shit that Verbalists move with"

    Good lookin out guys.
  5. im deff feelin it, its good to hear some newer rappers not always talking about bling n shit
  6. Yeah, the current state of mainstream hip hop is really questionable. It seems like people are hesitant to check new rappers out because you never know what you're getting yourself into anymore.

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