Vortex or Can? Timer switch?

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  1. Hi, long time reader first time poster.

    I have a Secret Jardin dr150 (4'9''x4'9''x6.5') with a 600w Digital Greehnouse Convertible ballast in an EasyCool6 reflector. Growing in a standard soilless organic peat/worm castings/BM & BoM & KM mix.

    I'm searching around four a fan, ducting and thermal wrapping to buy. The fan is what I'm most concerned about, but if anyone has any suggestions for the other two please feel free to add.

    I'm looking for an inline fan of sorts that is large enough CFM-wise to move enough air out when set for every 5-10 minutes or so. I would be willing to pay extra money for super-silent and super-enegery efficient fans.

    Also, does aynone have a good link to a timer switch that has 5 minute intervals an up?

    Thanks alot.
  2. you need to find a climate controller to run the fan....... having it on a timer wont keep the room at a steady temp.....and it will prolly run for longer than it should...

    i have a control wizard climate controller.....

    i'll take a quick look to see if i can find you a cheap climate contoller....

    gimme a bit.
  3. alright here are some climate controllers..

    BOTTOM left is the one i have, 120plus shipping USD. has ur standard Temp and Humidity control, then optional Co2 plug-in, exhaust plug in and some 24hr plug-in(light/power)..

    then to the RIGHT of mine, this a more basic one just for an exhaust fan. $80ish

    and finally if your looking for the cheapest kind, this is a standard climate controoler that plugs into a vortec fan.(exhaust fan...)

    these were all found on ebay......
    good luck..

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Any suggestions as to which fan to get? I'm thinking just the 180 Vortex on Horticulture Supply. that's about 449 CFM. Does that sound like enough? I was kinda looking around for one that's super-efficient and is easy on the electric bill.

    Also what would be the most practical way to deal with adding CO2 and upping the rH? I was thinking about just using a bucket with a fish tank heater in it for the humidity,

    The CO2 I'm not too sure about. Maybe pucks? They're kind of expensive. Vinegar and baking soda seems like it wouldn't work too well. Same as with dry ice.

    EDIT: lol I guess if I buy the one you have I should just get a humdifier and hook it up to the controller. Guess then I could get a CO2 delievery system but I also heard those were unsafe and are a bit pricey.
  5. well lets do some quick math......i'm gonna round up for you box dimensions....5ftby5ftby6.5ft= 162cfm... so a 162cfm fan will replace the air in 1minute.....so your 450cfm will replace that 3times in a minute.......thats plenty....

    as for co2 i don't use it yet...
  6. Thanks, I didn't know how to calculate it. Do you have a link to some info on CFM and air replacement?
  7. not sure of any links, but i know that your exhaust fan should be able to replace the air at LEAST once a minute. but the bigger the exhaust fan the faster it replaces the air and the LESS time it is runnning.....450cfm is great man....
  8. OK, so I got everything and am trying to install the climate controller. I got the one you have, btw. Does it come pre-calibrated? And do I place it inside my tent or outside and run the coil into the tent? It seems like the coil is just a thermostat, though, and not a humidistat therefore the whole thing should be inside.
  9. the thermostat is on the inside( hence all the slots on the side of it) and the hygrometer is the coil on top.

    what you do is plug it in, and get another thrmostat and calibrate it that way.....super easy.......
  10. first time grower here i woul like to know if i can use a can fan for the intake and a can fan for the exhaust or should i just use a normal fan on the inside of my grow tent and go with a can fan for the exhaust?????
  11. The exhaust fan only is working for me, but I'm about to add another fan to see if it helps with additionall cooling.

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