Vortex fan Vs. Crystal King Vortex fan?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GhengisChron, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. what is the difference between these fans?

    on ebay, i see both for sale, and i was wondering if the crystal king vortex fans are just stealing vortex's name to sell their fans or not. they have different CFM outputs, and different prices.

    should i just buy the cheaper one? or should i aim for the original vortex fan?

    i'm in an apartment, where noise and smell are a BIG issue.

    thanks for the help.
  2. anybody?

    its pushing 90 in my tent. its kinda urgent.
  3. I got the Eco-Plus fan and it works like a charm. We used the vortex fans in my previous line of work and they were also a good product. If I had to buy another (which I'll end up doing) I will just go with another Eco-Plus. BTW I have the 6'' model.
  4. Oh, and as far as the noise issue, I suggest buying a speed controller because mine and the vortex sound like a jet engine running in my garden. lol
  5. i already know i want a speed controller so i can adjust it down, but is there a noticeable noise or heat difference between the fans to start with?

    i'm not TOO worried, but would it be heard on the other side of an interior wall?
    and would it be heard outside my bedroom if it were in my closet?
  6. When I was running my 440 vortex fan in my master closet, I could hear it in the adjacent guest room. Mofo gets loud. Speed controller really takes the noise down quite a bit. One day I'll pony up for a duct muffler. :smoking:
  7. I think that between both brands if you get the comparable model there is going to be no difference in sound, heat, noise. Many factors come into play with all of those issues, where and how you have them mounted, routed, and what all they are going through. Yes you will be able to hear it in your room if it is in your closet. Watch some you tube video's of people's grow tent and notice the first thing you usually hear, there fans screaming. lol Anyhow good luck bro.

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