"Voodoo Science" 1- Global Warming Hysteria- 0

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  1. Just 2 years ago, the head of the IPCC called anyone who disagreed that the glaciers were melting followers of "Voodoo science". Turns out the "Voodoo Scientists" were right all along.

    The UN agency for “climate change” will withdraw a years-old claim that man-made climate change will destroy the Himalayan glaciers within 25 years - after its highly unscientific method of reaching this conclusion got exposed this week. Instead of conducting actual science themselves, with open and transparent methods, the IPCC apparently just read the claim in an interview and decided to adopt it. Now the original reporter in the interview claims that not only did the IPCC simply lift the claim without any investigation, they didn't understand it correctly in the first place:
    The Times of London makes a mistake in this opening. The blunders weren't “scientific” in nature - in other words, the errors did not stem from bad modeling, data, or assumptions in a scientific inquiry. The IPCC adopted the claim without doing any science on their own at all. They never tested the hypothesis that they read in the New Scientist. It matched their politics, not any kind of science they conducted or reviewed.

    On top of that, it seems that the IPCC has some reading-comprehension problems:
    Um, okay. So the IPCC read the interview in which Hasnain speculated - with no scientific evidence whatsoever - that a portion of the Himalayan glaciers would melt at some indeterminate time, and concluded that the entirety of the massif would evaporate by 2035. They never even bothered to wait for Hasnain's report to see exactly what he claimed, and why. Instead, they just inflated the unsubstantiated speculation with a zeppelin of greenhouse-gas hyperbole and stated categorically that the entire glacial structure in the Himalayas would be gone in a quarter-century.
    This is what passes for science at the UN. This is what passes for science at the IPCC. It's also what passed for science at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit.

    And AGW hysterics like to call skeptics deniers, in what is clearly the most obvious case of projection on the global stage.

    (The above is from hotair.com)

    Just remember, Blades, that ONE WEEK AGO if you said "Hey guys, maybe the glaciers won't melt" you were riddiculed, mocked, called a "denier" etc etc etc. Today? You'd be the head of the IPCC while admitting that your claims are full of shit.

    Remember, this was supposed to be the MOST SCIENFIC STUDY EVER OF GLOBAL WARMING.

    And it's got more made up shit in it than my master's thesis.
  2. Called it:cool:
  3. Just another scam by politicians. Typical and expected realley

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