Voodoo Penis

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Switch, May 16, 2003.

  1. This guy is going away for a weekend, he's worried that his wife (who has an extreemely large sex drive) will have an affair because she is so horny. SO he goes to a sex shop to try to get her something to keep her entertained. He's looking around at all the regular stuff and he doesn't see ANYTHING that will keep her entertained. So he goes up to the guy at the counter and asks

    "hey man. Have you got anything else other than what's here?"

    "there is one thing- but nah I couldn't"

    "no go on"

    "ok, well it's this:"

    The guy picks up a box from behind the counter and opens it to reveal this dildo. The guy looks at the penis and says:

    "voodoo penis, THE DOOR" the penis stands up and starts humping the door. EVEN PUTS A HOLE IN THE DAMN THING.

    This guy says
    "shit I'll buy it"
    "nah I can't sell this"

    So after some bartering he trades for £800 and a fake rolex.

    The guy takes this thing home to his wife and says
    "whenever you get horny just say 'voodoo penis, my crotch' and it'll keep you entertained."

    he leaves his wife for the weekend and before five minutes has passed she's horny as fuck so she says
    "voodoo penis my crotch"

    so this thing starts bangin away and this woman is getting worried- how does she stop it. After the first time she is satisfied but she can't stop it. So she decides to drive to the hospital and on the way, needless to say: she's driving like a maniac. SO a cop pulls her over and says:

    "What's wrong miss?"

    so she tells him all about how this thing will hump anything if you tell it to... this guy just looks at her and says

  2. good one!
  3. thats one wway to get it out;).
  4. Being a cop, he'll probably like it LOL
  5. hahaha LMFAO
  6. LOL

    freaky ;P
  7. Hahahaha some times people get what they deserve!1

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