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  1. Hey y'all, it looks like black or dark gray spots forming in random places inside my
    Voodoo juice container, is this normal ??? It wasn't like that when I first bought it, only after when I exposed it to air, looks like the dots are spreading.
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    place it in the frig is it in a hot place?

    and ouch you spent way to much. and thx after searching i found a few sites say what it really is ouch ouch

    An alternative to Voodoo Juice?
  3. It's stored at room temp, I'm going to keep it on the fridge, I called the store I purchased it from I hope they can give me a new container, I've honestly probably only used no more than 20 mls of the stuff. What a bummer, I hope this is normal but I doubt it, I'm going to start using the alternatives, AN really is super expensive, I only got it because I am following Tangs grow schedule and he has phenomenal results

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  4. I called AN they said just to bring it back and they will swap it out, sweet, although this is the last time I'll be using it, I need to do more research on alternative products, AN has a great line but other products such as canna or Dutch pro are fairly the same price for their accelerators and what not

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