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  1. HeyShort history so you know where I'm cuming fromI build Sideshow Gaffs which are basically Props for sideshows freak shows oddity museums etc.&Have been working on expand into other areas~VooDoo Dabbers~Is a current project I'm working on&I'm trying to gauge interest / Get feedbackPosted a few quick pics of a Prototype100% Real Mummified ClawAged Bead & Jute Twine HandleStainless Steel Spike Tip6 Inch LongWill be offering the claws in different formsHolding a Crystal Or Glass Marble ~ Devil Horns ~ Giving The Finger ~ Peace Sign & So On&With Different TipsSpike ~ Dental Tools ~ Brass Rod ~ Possibly Glass Rods ~ ???My style is "Dark"But would also offer more colorful onesLike Reggae style ones with red yellow & green beads or twine etc.Handmade So Each One's DifferentGoing to be picking up supplies this weekend&Would love to here what you guys thinkDo You Like???Preferred Tip???If there's interest I can post more details / info / pics of some of the other claw stylesAny input good or bad will be helpful & appreciatedThanx 4 ReadingPEACE...

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  2. Very cool, is that a chicken claw? One suggestion I would make is to offer titanium tips along with the stainless and glass tips.
  3. Make one that looks like a dart! I concur with the titanium/glass idea. I would  opt for glass every time.
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