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  1. i woke up this morning, and i didnt feel right. eventually, before i left for work, i puked, and the first heave was black liquid, somewhat like coffee grounds. the second heave was red as hell. i got up and flushed. i eventually puked again before i left for work and it was all blood. i do drink a little much, but the last time i drank was sunday night and before that it was thursday the last time i drank. it dosent feel like an ulcer or anything. also i took 3 or 4 tramadol last night before i went to sleep, that may have made it worse, but i knew something hasnt been right since yesterday. anyone else ever have this shit happen? im gonna wait until tomoro, and if its still fuckin up imma have to go to the E.R. it sucks i dont have insurance.......
  2. If you're vomiting blood go to the emergency room now. Don't wait.
  3. ^^ What he said.
  4. QFT

    Emergency room NOW
  5. Dude wtf, if its likre coffee grounds your in a world of shit, call an abulance now!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah dude that sounds pretty fucked up...

    I would wait til you're about to throw up again, wait in the ER parking lot. Then just burst through into the waiting room and let it go all over the place.

    Might be good for a laugh.
  7. hospital pls
  8. u dont have insurance!!
    omg, u are soo screwed, the cost is goin be like 500 dollars for emergency room or u can just call the doc today and make a apoinment, for tommorrow and it will probley save u like 300 dollars or less
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    ^^ dont tell him that!?! if he's VOMITING BLOOD he neeeeds to get help NOW!
  10. Vomiting blood is actually really fucking serious.
  11. I had a friend puke up blood 2 times after getting alcohol poisoning but yours seems kinda random

    Personally id go to the hospital atleast for a clear mind
  12. Peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the lining of the stomach, upper small intestine or esophagus. In addition to feeling a burning pain anywhere from your navel to your breastbone, you may vomit blood that appears either red or dark (like coffee grounds).

    Consult your doctor immediately if you notice blood in your vomit or begin vomiting blood. These symptoms may indicate a serious problem that needs urgent treatment.
  13. Vomiting blood like you described with what is known as "coffee ground emesis" is one of the major signs of esophageal varicies. Head to your local hospital, you'll likely need a scope done.
  14. dood go to the ER, stat.
  15. that happened to my friend when he smoked cigarettes, i heard about that happening to him that why he quit and it made me quit.
    but yeah i advise going to the hospital regardless of what drugs are in your system, they won't care if you test + for weed though, i admitted i was high on weed when i got cellulites in my left foot and went into the ER room
  16. god i love free healthcare
  17. Damned Canadians and their free health care. :smoking:
  18. when you vomit black almost cofee ground style that is referred as vomita negro, its a VERY bad sign, go to a doctor,,,,
  19. AKA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_fever
  20. Dude this is so fucking weird

    I puked up blood this morning too

    I went to the emergency room, where I had blood drawn, x-rays taken and even more embarassing tests. I don't have an ulcer, but they did prescribe some Ativan to help with my anxiety which is the root of the problem in the first place.

    I waited six fucking hours in the ER...Their priority rankings are fucked

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