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  1. I just had to clean my bathroom of vomit. My sister and her friend were smoking and her friend could not handle it. Needless to say she messed up my bathroom, bad. After an hour I got her to go outside while my sister and I had to clean up. About an other hour and a half later it was clean. Oh my god, I need to bathe in bleach!

    You might ask, why did you even help? Well, if my mom found out that they were smoking here she would bitch at us both, her for doing it here and me for not doing anything about it.

    The smell, the horrible smell...

    And just so you know what I was up against, here is a drawing to help you out. The circle is my toilet, which was also covered with nice bits and pieces and the square is the rug. The red X's is were she hit, yes they are on the walls the shower door and a window, which had a screen on it. Dear god why?

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  2. what was she doing, spinning in circles while she gacked?
    man i feel your pain. i had this one dude spew in my sink once, and it clogged up the sink and backed it up. we had to get a plumber in the place in order to fix the sink, which took awhile since it was a sat night and we couldn't find a plumber until monday. the dude was puking off of mad dog, and the entire apt stank like pukey alcohol for a few days, even after the plumber came.

    sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
  3. i dont puke from weed..EVER...i ALWAYS puke from drinking...i guess yall now know what my drug of choice is :D :smoking:
  4. lol. the two times i whitied to the point of vomitting (first time smoking & once when hitting real hard on some white widow after not smoking for a couple of months) i managed to aim.
  5. Heh, I couple weeks ago I had to do some running and was out of breath when we smoked a bowl, I ended up coughing until I puked. It was the first time smoking made me puke, and hopefully the last. I do tend to always feel sick to my stomach briefly after taking massive bong hits, but it almost instantly goes away.
  6. rookie smokers that puke suck.

  7. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Were you running for exercise? Or was someone chasing you?

    I won't clean up someone elses vomit. It makes me have to vomit. If someones getting sick and I even hear them gagging or dry heaving, they better move over, 'cause it's my turn. But, I'd rather throw up then feel sick any day. Once you puke, you usually feel better.

    I don't think I've ever puked from getting high. From drinking? Oh, yeah. Don't know anyone who hasn't.
  8. i puked one time cuz i tryed to eat weed w/o cooking it or anything. had no pipe or papers and very little experience w/ weed. talk about feeling like shit when you're high.

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