Discussion in 'General' started by Rooster, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. i just smoked what was left of my grinded up quarter-o in my bong..... my friend had combined tobacco w/ my bag, in order to roll a joint (ive never added tobacco to mine, and i have only smoked 3 cigs in my life.) But he sucks at rolling, and so halfway through making the joint he decided we should just bong it

    tobacco, from a bong, without a filter is the nastiest shit thats ever entered my lungs.

    and people pay money for that crap :x

    how many of you here are cig smokers
  2. Tobacco just plain sucks. I never let anybody put that shit in my bong, or joint for that matter.....
  3. hehehe, tobacco stays out of all my smokin products, I don't see how that harshness is something enjoyable, blah!
  4. yeah I know what ya mean

    Whenever I'm out with friends they INSIST in using that shit in joints. I wouldn't mind only it's usually MY FUCKING SHIT THEY'RE ROLLING WITH. I never usually smoke j's alone cos I prefer pipes- and then its pure ganj all the way!
  5. i smoke cigs, and everyonce in awhile ill smoke a bowl of just tobacco through my pipe...it gives the pipe a different taste..like seasoning it or somethin...i dunno.
  6. I smoke cigs so I don't mind loading some tobacco in a pipe

    to much. I really hate bong loads though with tobacco nasty

    as hell..
  7. i seriously dont think tobacco is made for that :S
  8. i smoak cigs but i never mix it with weed thay are 2 diffrent to go together it just spoils it

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