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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by UncleJohn, Jun 27, 2002.

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  1. I am proud to say that I grew up in the USA and that it is the best country in the world. I really don\'t think that there are many people out there that would disagree with me.

    However, as every reader of this site knows, there is a terrible injustice being done in this country.

    One of our government\'s long-time goals is the eradication of all things deemed evil by that entity and thus not good for the people. (This includes plants and people).

    Decades after the drug war\'s inception, at the end of the trail of cover-ups, propaganda and the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people guilty of no more than trying to get around an unjust system of thinking, I feel like the last year has brought about some serious steps backward.

    Like many other people on this site, I like to smoke pot. This is not for medicinal reasons, but purely recreational fun. I agree that many good things could come with legalisation (hemp paper production, reforestation of rainforests, etc.). I hate the means by which we have to get it. Growing your own is the best way to go, after all it is just a plant that we are talking about. I was talking with a long-time friend a couple of days ago...going on as we usually do about how good things must be over in god\'s country where it is legal and about how things could be here. He had an epiphany.

    Hell, if everyone on this site were just to throw out the seeds from their stash, just think of all the plants that we would have in just a few months! It would take a long time before government officials were able to chase down all the new sites of growth, and by then we could have been throwing out more seeds.

    It would also be nice if our friends in Amsterdam and BC could help us out by sending us some of their product that thrives especially well outdoors and breeds more rapidly than the average strain. (different strains which would be more suited to different climates, possibly?)

    This could be one hell of a statement, much like the Boston Tea Party of Revolutionary times.

    This is a plant, and cannot be eradicated...as long as there are people like us.

    I challenge everyone on this site to come up with methods for distribution, and remember that time is of the essence. It is the beginning of summer here, and if dropped on the ground now, plants could still go to seed before this season is over. This site is called OVERGROW, after all....let\'s OVERGROW IT!

    Just a few things that you have to remember:

    1. Littering is a fine, and will get you pulled over. (One of my buddy\'s ideas was to wrap up several bundles of ten or fifteen seeds in a paper wrap before going on a road trip. This paper should be the type that decomposes quickly, as the tissue that flowers from the florist are wrapped in....They are green too, so wouldn\'t be picked up by litter crews. I DO NOT CONDONE LITTERING. Just make sure that the material is not plastic or made of diapers and we should be safe here. Anyway, his idea is to throw these bundles out on the side of the highway, fields, overgrown lots....has to be an area that won\'t be mowed for quite a while, so get it past the mow line if you\'re on the intersate.)

    2. Seeds are illegal and are treated just like pot...sometimes more harshly, so don\'t do anything stupid while transporting them. (make sure all your lights are working, etc.)

    3. Sow them everywhere! The more broad of a area the plants are spread over, the less likely you are to be caught for cultivation and the more likely of a greater saturation when they do start to reproduce.

    Imagine the response from the media, government and the public. Plants just start popping up over the whole country...hemp plants, high-THC plants, sativa, indica, skunk and dirt. They would first have to find every patch that had popped up, then go out and eradicate every patch. Maybe during that eradication, that powerful smell might just overcome some of those out there doing the eradicating......maybe some of the product being eradicated might instead wind up in that officer\'s pocket. Maybe that officer would become a fellow smoker. Maybe that officer\'s name would be Ashcroft.

    The power is where it always has been, in the hands of the masses.
  2. hell ya man, im with you all the way, in fact everywhere that i go i already throw and plant seeds(in Wisconsin)the season is limited though
  3. You got it man. Ill throw any more seeds i get in the ditches of America. ;-)
  4. im in the same boat as agladius. I live in Wisconsin and take all my left overs ;) and throw them in ditches, woods, creeks, roadside, etc...
    I recommened this too everyone!
  5. too bad most them plants will never make it

  6. yup.. hey didn\'t u post this same message on CannabisWorld
  7. u can also take all of your seeds and stems,,, save them until you have about a quarter-pound,,, grind them into powder and add them to brownie-mix the next time you make brownies,,, good ass brownies man
  8. Yeah, wasnt that what happened in the movie \"Dick\"?
  9. never seen it man
  10. It was about these two blondes that wanted to change some law so they put weed in cookies and gave them to the president. Hehehe...not a bad idea.

  11. Im going to have to fully agree with Amanita on this....growing bud (not that throwing a handful of seeds out your car window will likely get anything to grow, but...) all over the place still wont help. And the part about the government not being able to clear all the visible spots fast enough is horse crap, they could and they would. I can picture it now ....special task forces made up of volunteers sent out just like forest firefighters, theyd walk along every damn field and highway cutting, torching, pulling every suspicious plant they\'d see...If you truly want change, petition, write to congress, donate money and time to pro-hemp/marijuana organizations etc. Dont just throw a handful of unviable seeds out your window on the side of the road while convincing yourself that it made a difference, because it wont have.
  12. yo to everyone at grass city.com
    have anyof you fellas heard of www.overgrow.com ?
    well a few weeks ago someone put a post in saying that all the unwanted males and hermies should be planted out into the wild and left to grow & hopefully reproduce by themselves anyways just an idea.

    K later all
  13. Im going to have to fully agree with Amanita on this....growing bud (not that throwing a handful of seeds out your car window will likely get anything to grow, but...) all over the place still wont help. And the part about the government not being able to clear all the visible spots fast enough is horse crap, they could and they would. I can picture it now ....special task forces made up of volunteers sent out just like forest firefighters, theyd walk along every damn field and highway cutting, torching, pulling every suspicious plant they\'d see...If you truly want change, petition, write to congress, donate money and time to pro-hemp/marijuana organizations etc. Dont just throw a handful of unviable seeds out your window on the side of the road while convincing yourself that it made a difference, because it wont have.

    (posted previously by Nubbin)

    This is my opinion:

    You can\'t be serious. You really think our system works like it says it does? Ask anyone who ever gets pulled over in their vehicle or has any other one-on-one with any type of law enforcement official if they feel \"innocent until proven guilty\". I am aware that is only common law but if you truly want change you DO NOT petition, write to Congress, donate money and time to pro-hemp/marijuana organizations. These are the ways to be ignored for certain.

    1. People who believe petitions work in real life are suckers. And the Government is like the Ultimate P.T. Barnum who is well aware that there is someone who believes petitions really work born every second.

    A petiton is a pigeonhole with busywork attached. Imagine you are a gas station clerk. Your boss is not a mean guy, he\'s not even a bad guy, but he is of a rather frigid nature. He keeps to himself as much as he possibly can, and you are only to report to him in A. An Emergency (and we\'re talkin\' a \"This Better Be Good\" emergency), B. You want HIM to tell YOU what to do, or C. You come to beg for your pittance in earnings.

    You decide one day that you are tired of carrying a tin bucket from a spring up the road to the station sink every day. You ask him \"Sir, will you please install running water here, or at least allow me a bucket with wheels?\"

    Now as I said he\'s neither a mean guy, nor a bad guy, and so, rather than just spitefully telling you his answer, he tells you to go sweep the perimeter of the building with a fork (..\"and it had better be clean!\" ..). After which, he says, he\'ll tell you his answer.

    You do your drudgery, your \"busywork\", and you come back to him and wait for his answer. He tells you to now hand him the fork because now he needs to inspect the fork for 3 months after which time he throws the fork into the dustbin and will maybe give you answer that may be to your liking. (For those slow to catch on Boss= US Government, you= you, and busywork= petition)

    This now brings me to my second point, writing Congress. Let\'s think Realistic now. Think about how many pieces of mail go \"To Congress\"? We\'re not only talking about these aforementioned written pleas. We\'re also talking personal mail, junk mail (yes, they get it too), packages, etc. etc., that they get Each and Every day. Obviously this has to be screened. Several times over.

    A Congressman has a hired staff of which a few are devoted to the letters you and I send. They are generally given explicit instructions of what makes it to the Congress man\'s desk, usually by a superior who then passes it up a few more times. If you make it past that, you\'re Golden. Buuuuttt...between \"Bubba wants to divorce his cousin\", \"To Congressman With Love\", and all the \"You Suck\" letters, do you think an aide is even going to stop for a moment on another \"C\'mon Man, make it Legal. No? OK, then how about hemp? Whaddya say?\" Eh? This guy\'s schmoozing with the very people who would be offend by your very presence in the room. This guy\'s not Average Joe Workaday like he is oft times portrayed. This guy is Big Money.

    Which brings me to my third and final point. Donating time and money to pro-pot/hemp organizations. I\'m gonna be SLIGHTLY lenient about this one. But only Slightly.

    If you were to ask most anyone the question, \"Who is the Leader of Pro-pot/Hemp Legislation affectation, what would they say? NORML, of course.

    NORML was founded in 1970. Roughly 32 years ago. 32. Since 1970 would anyone agree with me that drug laws have become nothing but MORE strict? Now to be fair, I admit I know nothing of their rate of growth in the first several years. I will therefore give them a 10-year advantage on this. I will say that within 10 years they were a relatively large organization. That means that they had 22 \"Strong Years\" to work their hoodoo that they do so well. I tell you what I\'ll go you one better. I\'ll give them an EXTRA 5 years credit because \"Everyone Chilled\" in the 80\'s. That\'s 17 years to do....? Wanna perspective? Imagine how much time it took for you personally, and I mean really consider this, to go from your BIRTH to just past the age where you could drive. Remember all that fun stuff from all those years? Lotta years isn\'t it?

    Now I\'m not gonna say NORML is useless and hasn\'t done anything to improve the status of Legaliazation Legislation, because I\'m pretty sure they have. Although I\'m not positive as I can\'t recall any time I\'ve heard personally of any improvements. Come to think if it. I don\'t see NORML much of anywhere, do you? Anyone seen a NORML TV ad? I haven\'t. NORML billboard? Not I. See my point? (I did in fact write a letter to NORML on this subject, which if you care or just get curious I\'ll let you read if you want. Private message me if you want a copy.) As such, I digress.

    Long story short there is this: If you\'re gonna donate to NORML, great, I am all for it, but make it the money where you could say \"I can spend it on a cheeseburger value meal or donate it to NORML\" and not really care which.

    Let the people with weighty pocketbooks do most of the work. Don\'t worry, they Love it! Now how to get them to enjoy bud? Well, I guess we could all do our parts ond go hunt down each one of them, strap them into chairs, and force them to smoke, but wow!, imagine the trauma! They\'d hate weed out of spite. There is a reply to this thread earlier that says something about Sheriff Taylor and Opie. I say, Hey, If Sheriff Taylor and Opie have heavy wallets they want to lighten or have an immense span of free time sittin\' there in the sleepy town of Mayberry they wish to invest into NORML, I will be the last man to try and stop them. Be My Guest. :)

    To all the people who DO make a difference in NORML-- Much Love! Keep it Up! We NEED more like you!

    And Nubbin and Amanita, no offense... nothing personal I promise.

    My Love To All! TokEm If Ya GottEm!


  14. This is exactly what I wanted from this post! Getting people to think and talk about this. Don\'t get me wrong, I still think that it would be a very loud statement if all the american readers of this forum & overgrow would do this and could actually get the plants to grow.

    I think what some of these people in charge tend to forget is that we are talking about a plant here, not some deadly manmade DRUG that does irrepairable harm to its users. Now that the WWII vets are dying off, Ma and Pa PTA are the voting constituents in this country. And the more we allow those soccer moms and dads to be brainwashed by what their told by programs such as DARE and the War on Drugs (both of which have done nothing to actually solve the drug problem nor educate people as to the realities of drug usage)

    What these people don\'t realize as they have their cup of coffee and donut for breakfast is that they are strung out on much deadlier drugs that DO irreparable harm. People believe what the people in power tell them, and those people are motivated by one thing...THE CORPORATE DOLLAR.

    Now I\'m not saying that we need to go in and bust the Krispy Kremes and Daylight Donuts of the world for drug peddling; exactly the opposite. I\'m saying that if you let your government tell you what is and isn\'t good for you, then who are you actually living for?

    I love farside\'s analogy, because most of us who work for a living in this country know what it is like to deal with people like this. Their thinking is \"I don\'t care anything about pot, so I\'m not going to do anything to change the laws. Hell, only losers and slackers use that crap anyway.\"

    The big push recently has been to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Hell yeah, I kinda wonder why the pharmaceutical companies aren\'t marketing it already. Cause you know they\'re after all the money they can make. And I\'m sure that they don\'t give a damn about whether what they\'re selling you is good for you or not. (just listen to their ads)

    In this forum, I am preaching to the choir. We have to learn how to get to those other people. I\'m not above tying them down, although I feel that a trip to Amsterdam for most of them would be more eye-opening.

    I proposed this question to a long-time friend the other day and his response was \"We really don\'t want it to be legal; that would just drive up the price and then we would have to pay them for it.\"

    But what about all those people who are wasting away in the jails for these crimes? Well, the powers at be don\'t care about them either. The truth is, they make more money off of you if you\'re in prison (Corporate-owned privatized prisons are becoming the norm in the US). The truth is, I don\'t know what the answer is. I love this country, but I truly fear a government that makes decisions using this logic. Peace and love and everybody try to avoid Sheriff Taylor and Opie.
  15. I have read the article (and I suggest anyone following this do so as well). Yes it is an uplifting piece no doubt, but I don\'t think you read it carefully enough. Let\'s go over it a bit shall we?

    Paragraph 1:

    \"Until last October, Nevada had the strictest marijuana law in the nation. Puffing on a single joint could give a user a felony criminal record and land him in prison for at least a year.
    Such measures were rarely, if ever, taken, and the law didn\'t stop Nevadans from approving the use of medical marijuana in 2000. Nor did it prevent a state lawmaker from introducing and getting passed a law making possession of less than 1 ounce a misdemeanor.\"

    A. The first half of the paragraph (ending at \"2000\") says \"Nevadans...approv[ed] the use of medical marijuana in 2000.\" Where does this tell me at all that any sort of petition brought this about. My guess is that it is like B. The last half of the paragraph (beginning at \"Nor\"), where it says explicitly \"a...LAWMAKER from INTRODUCING and GETTING PASSED a law...\"

    That was done because it was on that guy\'s (Mr. Big Money, remember?) agenda already.

    Paragraph 2:

    \"Now, Nevadans might vote this fall to loosen the pot prohibition law even more, essentially giving the state the most relaxed marijuana law in America.\"

    Now if we emphasize the relevant parts and get rid of the \"colorful news-fluff\" we get this...

    \"Now, Nevadans MIGHT vote ... to loosen the prohibition law...\"

    They MIGHT vote? What do they mean? Let\'s read on...

    Paragraph 3:

    \"That\'s because the Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington, D.C.-based organization, was able to collect signatures of 109,000 Nevada voters on a petition that seeks to legalize possession of up to 3 ounces of marijuana.\"

    Ok, they MIGHT vote because they got signatures? I\'m still a little hazy on this whole \"might thing\". Let us continue, maybe it\'ll clarify...

    Paragraph 4:

    \"If enough signatures are found valid, the question would be put to voters this November and again in 2004.\"

    Ok ok, it\'s clearing up a little for me. If I were a Nevadan I might / might not get to vote, IF enough signatures are found valid? Gee, that\'s another \"might\" that seems to have jumped up into the sentence. Sounds kinda shady, better keep going...

    Paragraph 5:

    More News-Fluff!! The whole thing! What happened to the information explaining to me how these petitions these people signed are doing anything??

    Paragraph 6:

    \" But the Marijuana Policy Project wants Nevada voters to approve a constitutional amendment to prohibit police from arresting people with fewer than 3 ounces of marijuana. There also would be no civil penalties to be paid.\"

    Layman\'s Terms: Compare to stepping outside and saying \"I want it to rain today\" Maybe it will, maybe it won\'t. \"Might\" Number 3.

    Paragraphs 7 - 10:

    If you care to read them, they further state what the new law \"might\" be like \"if\" it were put in place. They end with the \"director of state policies\" for the MPP stating in effect \"See, people don\'t mind if we smoke a little green out here.\"

    Where are these petitions again?

    Paragraph 11:

    \"Consequently, Rogers\' group set up a state organization called Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement, charged with collecting signatures for the marijuana petition. He said the group spent more than $300,000 to collect more than 109,000 signatures in a 40-day period that ended June 18.\"

    He spent $300,000 on what, ink? These are signatures folks, you write them with a pen. Was he buying signatures? How would that be an accurate picture of the move\'s initiative? If some guy offered me 5 bucks to write my name in favor of renaming the North American Beaver to the North American Grizzlemoose. I\'d take the fiver, jot my John Hancock, and frankly not care one whit whether or not we have to start calling beavers, Grizzlemeese.

    Well, he got the signatures for this petition, but I\'m still waiting for the good part when they tell me it\'s actual effectiveness...

    Paragraph 12:

    Fluff Fluff Fluff...This article is very fluffy is it not?

    Paragraphs 13 and 14:
    (These are the last two I will touch on...I will explain later)

    \"Rogers is confident the petition drive was successful. County clerks and election registrars have until July 8 to verify the signatures are accurate. The group needs only 61,336 valid signatures to put the proposal before voters.

    Because the group seeks to amend the state constitution, the proposal must be approved by voters twice.\"

    What?? \"Rogers is confident...was successful\" He headed this thing and he doesn\'t know? Could that be because Nothing Has Happened with that petition? Wouldn\'t the head of a pro-legalization organization be more than overjoyed to be able to say \"We succeeded!\" ? I would certainly think so, but that\'s just my reasoned opinion.

    They now need to go thru ANOTHER step and \"verify\" signatures. Let\'s hope they get enough!

    And let\'s not forget that single-sentence paragraph:

    \"Because the group seeks to amend the state constitution, the proposal must be approved by voters twice.\"

    \"Verification\" and \"...proposal MUST be approved by voters twice\" are, if anyone has been counting along, \"Mights\" Number 4 and Number 5.

    And a final concept. Let\'s do a quick math problem.

    You have a 50/50 chance (at best) to get an approval at the public voting booth (and we\'re talking about many more than 61,336 or 109,000 people here; frightened parents, the LARGE senior population of Nevada, \"concerened citizens\", law enforcement, etc. etc. are in on this as well, keep in mind). Now your next 50/50 chance at the polls RESTS ON the 50/50 chance of the first vote (Remember: BOTH votes MUST pass for this to work. Where are the petitions now? And these folks aren\'t getting paid anything to vote any which way). So, 50% chance times a 50% chance is a 25% chance. (And Heaven Forbid they should put the voting time at 4:20, else the true stoners just aren\'t gonna make it to this thing. ;) )

    In other words, After you have considered the 4 \"Might Happens\" this petition created (remember the busywork I mentioned in my other letter?), THEN and ONLY THEN will you get a shot at ANOTHER \"Might Happen\" which is at highest potential only a 25% shot anyway. After which time you will REALLY get to see whther or not $300,000 and 109,000 signatures did anything at all.

    The rest of the article (as I said I would explain) goes on to tell what the \"old vote\" was about and public opinion (hence nothing more on any effectiveness of any petition.)

    Long story short, I\'m still not convinced...nowhere near.

    Thank You for Your Time.

  16. UncleJohn knows well how things are in this country.

    Well-spoken/written, UncleJohn!

  17. you must have spent a good deal of time on that but it was well spent Farside. really well written

    and one other thing why do you think they call it \"weed\" its a weed it will spread if given a chance like wildfire.
  18. lol....so we\'re practically smoking dandelions, lol :wink:
  19. well this acculy could work, i have about 200 bag seeds im about to throw out since i read this. Also I wanted to tell you guys that my friend threw out a handfull of bag seeds in his backyard and he has about 6 plants now their about in their veg stage. But if he can do it im sure anyone can.
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