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  1. How loud are intake fans and in DWC, the bubblers? Planning a stealth armoire grow :smoking:
  2. 150 decibels!!!..lol J/K Too many variables to answer
  3. Ah, let me use slightly more detail. Twas high when originally posting, hence the short length..... im hoping to do three two plant reservoirs in basically an armoire or tall dresser. Im not sure what kind of reserves I need size wise, but its not a huge set up. One intake, one exhaust fan. Just wondering if the cabinet will always be humming loudly....
  4. Using a standard 6 inch inline fan with filter, with a speed controller (on low) PLUS a silencer on the end puts me right at 68dB a foot away from it with the meter. Hope that helps.
  5. there not that loud, u cant hear the fan through a well insulated wall, u do have to worry about vibrations, u can feel and hear those
  6. i can here mine through the wall but you gotta be real upclose

  7. u dont really hear the blades just the vibrations it puts our huh, like a low hum or buzz.
    ive tried a few things to get rid of that, like rubber and cork iso pads, foam pads. they all dont completely eliminate the vibrations.
  8. an armoires not going to muffle those noises well. Walls block more noise than a piece of exposed wood. Insulating noise also insulates heat. A 4 inch inline fan is the smallest fan you would probably want to use. A carbon filter with extra layers of filter floss and a duct muffler would be a MUST. Also, youll want to SUSPEND the ehaust fan with something NOT solid. You could use plastic twine, bungee cord, etc. this will elimnate vibrations. As for hearing the noise through the armoire, layer the inside with 1 1/2" sound proof convoluted foam and then a layer of reflective mylar on top of that. Youll literally want to line EVERYTHING inside the armoire with both. This insulates heat, thats why you need the fan. Now as for the number of plants, just do ONE. It will fill the armoire easily and require less of a resevoir than multiple plants. I LOVE stealth grows so ive gotten pretty good at them :) got any pics of the armoire or any dimensions?
  9. Well my answer was not a joke it was honest to God measured with a decibel meter. And the silencer at the end makes all the difference in the world.

    With the silencer off fucking around I was yelling as loud as I could through it and people at the other end could barely hear it. We were taking turns cuz it was that trippy how well it worked. lol
  10. I built my duct muffler from scratch. 5 feet of muffler. No joke, you can here the fan better through the two walls and doors you have to go through than from the vent right outside those two walls. Literally no noise. Love it :)

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