volume of water per feeding?

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  1. I understand watering to 20% runoff, but what i would like to know is about how much would that be? a quart? a gallon? how much for early threw veg stage and how much for flowering? trying to figure out how much nutrients i need to buy.

    my setup would be:
    3 gal pots
    70% coco 30% perlite
  2. Depends on how little/big the plant is, changing as your plant grows. I make up a gal, or two, pour it into a 32oz bottle when I’m about to feed her and just keep feeding until she gives me the run-off, then I measure what I gave minus what she kept and keep track of that. When she was little, she took only a few oz. at a time before run-off. Now she’s up to almost a gal.
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  3. Trial and error.
    Note that after soil is wet but still no run-off, water slowly because water will go through the soil very fast, and next thing you know, runoff tray is flooding.
  4. Plant in flowering .
    In my DWC systems average is 4 gallons per day per plant ...
    I normally grow larger plants then most ,,, normally all Sativa 20190601_103216.jpg
  5. It's coco mate you can't over water it. Well its not easy anyway.
    Just make sure the full pot gets a good drenching.
    Under watering causes salt build up which can give you all sorts of dramas.
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  6. Thanks for the reply's. I think i have a good idea what i need now.

    I'm working on a 200+ plant grow in soil now, and looking at the cost to switch over to coco.
  7. Ahh, you'd be better setting up a massive recirc system mate so you can re-use the run off. Cost you a bit to set up but will save fuckin tons on your nutes bill.
    No idea what to do for a set up that size but recirc is definitely the way forward.

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