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  1. The keyboard on my laptop doesn't have any buttons to control the volume, I have to do it manually with my mouse every time I want to change the volume and it's a pain in the ass. Is there a way to set a key to change the volume?
    Also, the f7, f8, and f9 keys have symbols next to them for mute, volume decrease, and volume increase, but these buttons don't seem to actually do any of that. Is there some way to set those buttons to actually do what they say they do?
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    To use the volume control on the f keys, look what color the symbols are in and look for a key with that same color. It probably is on the bottom row of keys by the control key. I know on my parents dell it's a key with Fn in blue inside a blue square.
    [​IMG]Look for a key like this.
  3. What he said.

    If this does not work, go to the laptop manufacturer's website and find the hotkey software to download and install.
  4. Holy shit, that is the most useful fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. God damn, dude, thanks.

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