Voltage Meter(?) Setup for QB96

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by RustyRuckus, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. (Not sure if the term is volt meter or something else, little LED display that shows how much current is being used etc)

    Hey everyone, so I have my 4 QB96s. 2 each on a 320w driver. I also have a lux meter for measuring the light they are out putting. However I think the easiest way to get them into the same general range (without having to adjust them and then check the light meter over and over), - would be to wire in some of the voltage meters I've seen people using. This is cool because it also helps you calculate the hydro you're using during the grow.

    Anyways, I have no idea what ones I'm supposed to use (electrical noob) if there's certain specs they must reach or whatever. Lastely I don't know how to wire them either, so if someone could supply a diagram on how to do so that would be great. Thanks!
  2. Search for watt meter. You just plug things in like an extension cord.
  3. Yea I have one of those. Cost around $30 I believe. I tested my off brand QB lights with it for how much they actually pull
  4. Yea I can see how that would work. The either way I have to buy one for each life because I don't want to swap it back and forth. Not sure if I like them bulking up extension cord and taking up extra spots on the cord but I guess it doesn't matter cause probably never plug tons of things into it.

    I don't know I still want to go the wiring route just because I saw peoples setups before with plywood and everything is wired together and looks very clean and easy to operate and read.

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  6. Hey Rusty! Have you read the QB 96v6 no BS thread? QB96ELITE V2 ***No BS, information only***

    I used that to wire mine up. It is daunting at first, but just make sure you do + to +, and - to - when connecting things. I used WAGOS to connect my wires (cuz I'm also an electrical noob and I hate wire nuts).

    As for the volt meter, what jgalt above posted is good. I used a different brand but it's the same thing (KNACRO).

    What drivers did you get? Feel free to PM me with any questions as I have the same build you do!

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