"VOLT" Graffiti Battle Poll

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SkateAndBake, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Here are the entries for the latest battle using the word "VOLT". Vote for whomever you think rocked it.

    As always do not vote for yourself!

    Thinking Ideas









  2. doctasegs
  3. skateandbake's is pretty awesome.
  4. Yeah, the bomb-omb is what sealed the deal for my vote.
  5. doctasegs all day

    how do i find out what next word is ill upload a lil somethin :)
  6. I like doctasegs, but the adam bomb gets my vote...

    Yall should make a thread..have some entrants, pick a word, and actually do the graffiti, like go tag up something and take a pic, tagging takes work, and time...but it's interesting..
  7. HOUtx would be the best at a spot....

    Maybe on paper I'd vote for the other piece . . . .
  8. I went for skateandbake
  9. doctasegs deffinitely has my vote.
    Really crisp lines and overall good design.
  10. doctasegs has some sick graffiti!
  11. good job doctasegs and skate and bake.
  12. the first three are baller!
  13. Complexity and style are the reasons my vote goes to doctasegs.

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