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  1. I've noticed VW's seem to be popular cars for tokers. So...who drives one? And what kinda Dub do you drive?

    I got a MK4 Golf, myself.
  2. pssh MKIV 2300 lbs over weight. i use to rock a MKII 4 Dr Golf. u on the tex?
  3. hehe, '72 Camper. Left the factory as a mocrobus tho. i have no idea when it was converted, but it was "restored" in 98 i say that as it was more cut all the rust of and put filler in. i plan to take it to off the road when i get a beetle and strip it down and do it properly myself.

    you ppl and ur water-cooleds. you need to get something without a radiator lol :p
  4. I know, I know, they're overweight. And its got an underpowered engine. Definatley wouldn't be my first choice, but it was my first car, and before I was into VWs.

    Trust me, I'd rather have a MK2 GTI.

    And yeah, I'm a member of the 'Tex, but I rarely post there.
  5. btw im just a purest, with my vws. do youl ike the new golf? it looks to me like a ford focus, all new cars look the same.
  6. the MKV's look like some pos asian car(not knocking the asians and their cars just their shitty ones)
  7. lol i wear and white and blue trucker VW hat. . . . ( pronounced hot) lol
  8. i had a make IV gti, a 84 cabriolet and a 86?vw fox.....those are my old money-pits. I have graduated to a toyota 4runner and have not had to dump any money into it yet, unlike the vw's.

    my roomie has a make III gti vr6 with mods and it is really fast and had a make II gti which was a sweet ride.

    I still love the dubs
  9. fuk dat aint nutten hot boxes better dan a VW
  10. Ive got a 93 G Reg Volkswagen Polo, It's my first car, cant drive as of yet becuase i havnt passed my test....
  11. 97 jetta, oh yeah....

    my mom has owned a kharmen ghia and a...1970 maybe beetle, wish she had kept them!

  12. I read that and was like, "How the hell did you get a Polo over here?" Then I realized your from Europe. Awesome little cars.

    You said it Hobbes.
  13. i think alot of things would hot box better than mine
  14. my golf was amazing at hot boxing
  15. i wanna get a new microbus. Ive only seen em as concept cars, dont know if they have any out. Plus i dont have the money to buy a new car anyhow.

    Edit: theyre just concepts right now, heres the site...
    theyre looking for feedback on the car and what you would like to see in it. Thats pretty sweet. Im gonna start saving and im buying this shit the day it hits the lots.

    Oh man this thing is sweet. Checking out the site the door handles retract into the car, theres 8 inch screens on the back of almost all the seats, theres a larger screen in the middle that you can hook up DVD/games too. Theres also a mini table in there. They hooked this thing up for us new age stoners.
    Not bad power with 230 HP, course the thing is a beast but who drives that fast stoned?
    20 inch standard wheels.
  16. im sorry guys, but being a classic vw fan. the new microbus and new beetle piss me off no end.

    There front water-cooled engine, voids the names they've given them.

    did u know why the first water-cooled vw was planned some ppl in the company said no? they wanted to stay air-cooled.
    thats the first transporter, 1980 when it came out the type 25.
    i think the first water cooled one was '82 tho, diesel one.

    Personally, i'll never get a new car. I cant afford one or want one when mine sounds so much better. lol ;)

    why not just get a new type 2 microbus? cheaper, and you could fit all that easily, im getting a dvd for my camper soon.

  17. they look like something they would send to mars, or the moon or something
  18. dude the mirco has been set for 2005 release for ages, the dune buggy is well into its concept then cos its featured in the lastest volksworld.
  19. *imitates his VW*


    Grr... always have to crank her over twice...







    Ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka I love that sound. :)

    I drive a 1978 Type II Transporter/Microbus/camper convert.

    Water-cooled's... bah!! We don't need no stinkin' heater! ;)

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