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volcano vaporizer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nitz, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. ok sooo i used one for the first time yesterday and it was awesome i wanna buy one im looking at the site and i see theres the digital and classic i used the classic apparently 7.5 the best setting according to the guy what is the equivelent to that on the digital? is the digital worth it? is there any diffrence? and soild state you change the bags yourself and the ez valve you buy right? whats the material that the bags are made of?... lol pretty much what do you guys have? do you like it? and what should i get lol?

    thanks guyz and girls
  2. Check out their FAQ for an extensive breakdown of differences. If I were buying, I'd go with the classic simply because you get a 3 year warranty (vs. the 2 year warranty you get with the digital). In fact, even they say on the official site that the classic is the better deal.

    I'm sure there is a difference in efficiency, but I don't think it's signficant enough for me to pay extra for the digital, especially if I don't have money to spare.
  3. I'd choose with the classic, and go with the solid valve. Oven bags work perfectly for replacement bags.
  4. i ordered it im so0o0 stoked i just ordered it off the Storz & Bickel site got the classic with the solid state has any one ordered from there how long does it take im in canada do they give u a tracking number? also i noticed they have 3 m of replacement bag for 10 bucks should i just get that or are oven bags better/cheaper?
  5. Wow. I wish I had the spare cash to afford one of these. I just spent my last bucks on a 4G VaporCannon ...dang..Volcano is expensive as hell.
  6. lol ya they are it came to like 700 and change canadian for the classic thank god i didnt get the digi

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