Volcano vape, worth it or no?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Lil Rachel, May 18, 2010.

  1. I've been thinking about investing in a volcano...I've heard alot of really good things about it. Just want to find out from people who actually smoked from it...not just the manufacturer. lol
  2. i have never smoked from it but i dont think its worth the 600-700$ pricetag

    there are alot cheaper vapes that get the job done just as good
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  4. If you talk to anyone who doesn't own one -- It's not worth it.

    If you talk to anyone who DOES own one -- It's worth it.

    I won't talk shit to lwein though just know in every Volcano thread he regurgitates the same threads.
  5. Cause it's the same shit just rehashed over and over again. Why rehash it here when one can just read the threads I linked above?
  6. If your asking such a question you must obviously not have experience with vape.

    Btw you don't SMOKE from a VAPORizer.
  7. If money is no issue, yea I'd buy one. Go big and get the Digital.

    But if there is a budget, you can get the same, if not much better, for much less.
  8. This, my friend bought one with christmas money and since then we use it on the regular, bu i would never pay 600 bucks for one. They do get you pretty blitzed, and keeps you a lot healthier from what i have notcied, but i'd go with a vapebros., same effect for only a fraction of the cost.
  9. Yo NYCdeisel...chill out dogg. I know you don't smoke out of one either..lol didn't realize i was gonna get blasted because of a minor fuck up in typing. And thanks Iwien...appreciate it. :)
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    I'm not sure where this came from but it was completely uncalled for bro. Name-calling isn't allowed here please refer to GC's rules before posting again. ~AK~
  11. I have had the pleasure of using Volcano Vaporizers at the Medical Clinics. They are really nice and they get your pretty high without using a grip of bud. The taste is nice but different.

    To me dropping 600 on a Vape is a lot of money. If I have a lot of money and 600 wasn't that much to me I would be down. But you can get a better vape for a fraction of the cost. And then use the remaining money to buy like an ounce.
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    You're more than welcome.

    Now why in the hell would you call me that? I went to the trouble and took the time to research those threads and posted them up here because they would provide the OP with more responses quicker than if he/she waited for the responses here.

    I offered up TONS of info that is in those threads, and yet you have offered NOTHING, and yet you call me a dick? :confused_2: For what? Posting up the links or suggesting the use of the search button?
  13. I've had a great experience with the Arizer V-Tower. It's just under $200!
  14. i picked one up for 480 the other week, and its been amazing. it's gotten a ton of use, and i think its worth every penny.

    people say there are other vapes out there that are better for cheaper. i'm sure there are. but i'm very happy with my purchase and don't regret it at all
  15. My friend left his at my place for like a month and a half now, I gotta say I love it. I would consider buying one for around $300-350 but not the 550+ it cost.
  16. ^^ Totally agree. 300 to 350 is the right price point.
  17. Think about it like this. These devices are by large a marijuana product. Purple days can burn incense oils and the Volcano can be used as a cooking tool.

    Plus, the cheap Volcano comes with a 3 year warranty. I had to call Volcano once (Oakland) and they picked up on like the second ring and answered all my questions.

    I don't know another vape company that'll do that. Chances are if your shit breaks you might've as well just seen a toddler throw your wallet into the toilet and flush it.

  18. o_O;;;

    whats with the red font post. Is that him referring to himself calling lwien a "dick" or is that some moderator thing?
  19. I just decided on a T-Tower Extreme Q. If i had the money, I can say I'd go for a volcano. In fact, as my buzz kicks in, I think I might think about saving up for the Volcano. :smoke:
  20. Are you implying that Storz & Bickle is the only vape manufacturer that will stand behind and honor their warranty?

    It's a moderator thing.

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