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Volcano Vape: exhale back into the bag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pngwyn, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I was just curious how effective "second hand" smoke or vapor is..

    I had this idea with my volcano vape that if I exhaled the smoke directly back into the bag, then I'll basically have a long lasting bag with very little THC wasted on the exhale. But I'm not entirely sure of the science here, do you guys know if it would work or not? I imagine it's similar to hotboxing if every breath you take fills with vapor, probably more intense.

    I tried it, and I feel pretty effin' blazed, but I don't know if I am more than I should be, tbh :smoke: anyone know?
  2. one would think your lungs would absorb the vaporized thc on the inhale and you would just be blowing carbon dioxide into the bag and then breathing that back in.

    if you have SMOKE smoke in your gag, you're vaping at too high of a temperature.
  3. I guess that's the nature of my question though.. do you really absorb all the THC in a single inhale? Or is vapor similar to smoke where it will still hold some of the "high" in the exhaled substance?

    If shotgunning/hotboxing vapor should work, then so should this method, no?
  4. I think after a couple of those bags, you won't give a shit.
  5. I tried this after reading! and the vapor coming back out of my lungs was much thinner (and made the bag taste bad). I think that if you took a second bag and filled that with the second-hand air you could have another bag with thinner vapor. I hold my rips in for about 30 sec so I might be a bad judge because Im sure that some of the vapor settles in my lungs in that time.
  6. i think your higher because of the carbon dioxide you inhale back and therefore enhance your high. thats kinda hardcore dear fellow.
  7. exhale all your vapor into a second bag, save it for tomorrow, see if it gets you high. i think a lot of us would be interested in the results haha
  8. But thats just it, I think you would have to kill it way fast, because the manual says the vapor settles after 10 min! and i dont think i am ever doing that again, it tasted foul!
  9. Maybe try brushing your teeth right before vaping to make it taste better? I tried doing this with my MFLB and the taste was fine.

    There was no real effect, though. I must be really efficient in absorbing what I inhale.
  10. ^^ Good call!! i own a MFLB, ill have to try that. I usually vape then brush my teeth but this way sound pretty prime. Much thanks my man!
  11. your supposed to hold it in as long as you can when vaping. its not the same as smoking where you dont wanna hold it long b.c its just damage to your lungs. with a vape you really want to not exhale any vapor or thats just wasting thc.
    but with the volcano you get so high anyway so letting out some vapor is fine

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