Volcano Up to 20 bags a night at risk?

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  1. I’ve been vaping for about 3 months now, almost on a daily basis, i smoke to up to 8 bags per session which consist of 2 bowls, 4 bags per bowl till I use up all of the herbs and roughly 3 sessions per night so I’m averaging around 20-24 bags per night.

    Now I’m finding it harder and harder to draw as I get into a session and my breathing feels alot heavier, coughing alot more and I’m beginning to worry that my vap life might be coming to a end.

    any advice on this, I know I should stop and give a break but I’m curious if anyone else has to cease or maybe take a break to recover, if so how long.
  2. Oh I forgot to point out that I’m using the volcano with the magma water filter bubbler.
  3. its heavy, chill with a holiday 2-3 days a week off

    if you can't, than you may have an issue as its not addictive ....they say!

    good luck
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  4. I had a similar problem, was at the point where I kept my dry herb vape powered on all day so I could hit it constantly, eventually I picked up a dab rig and switched to concentrates.

    I now spend much less time toking.
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  5. It's not PHYSICALLY addictive.
  6. Welcome to the City.
    As a medical user taking a break is out of the question so I use this and never sober up at all.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

    This works almost as well with buds. Take your edible for breakfast and you won't need to smoke / toke / Vape a fraction of what your now using.

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  7. Hey all, thanks for the advice, yeah I never thought about moving up levels. Which ones is more potent and good for capes, concentrate or hash?

    oh as another pointer, I have been mixing my buds with trim as I find that I smoke just the same amount of buds as if I weren’t mixing it. Is smoking trim contribute to a quicker breathing issues?
  8. how much time did u had to spend on average per session and how many bags were you up to?
  9. lol yeah. It appears that soon I will have to take mandatory breaks
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  10. I took a break one time, it was the worst seconds of my life.
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  11. I haven't smoked in a week and I'm having nightmares.

    Edit: Weed stops me from dreaming.
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  12. Same, i have hard times getting good sleep or even getting to sleep, mood swings and irritability. It’s never pleasant.

    for now I might try to stop milking my bowl with fresh herbs to cut down my intake. Let’s c if that’s a temporary solution.
  13. I have a whip style vape, so no bags, but it was at the point where I was vaping over a QP a month.
  14. Get into making green dragon or BNW hash caps and you won't need to vape so much
  15. Thanks for the tip there. So far I can’t find any supplier with concentrates in aus, well without a med card. I’ll have to sit and wait to try.
  16. Hey all. It’s been quite some time now since
    My last update

    so I had to hold off for around 7 days, while all the time I’m checking my breathing strength and was glad to know that it improves everyday.

    on the 8th day I was about to go back smoking but using the bong as I was on vacation and did t have any Vaporizers with me.

    so while I was utilising my hm bong, I was punching 3g a session but just one session a night.
    My little vacation lasted for about 7-8 days so in gram wise, I was smoking almost up to a ounce.

    it’s weird but while I was smoking the bong, I felt like my lungs were getting even better or even recovering quickly, had another 4 days T-break before I arrived back home and couldn’t wait to see how my volcano will hold up to me now.

    it was great, I was doing the same amount as before but after just 5-6 days, my lungs suddenly felt short lived and on the 7 day, I couldn’t even empty a bag with out gasping for air and taking 1-2
    Mins survival breaks, the 8th day which I tried again was even worse. I could just finish one bag and I was up to almost emphysema status.

    I’m worried now that despite my breaks, i looks like the only way I wish to continue smoking now is to take 5-7 days breaks on and off, or until the next collapse happens.

    Am I about to lose volcano? The whole reason while I got it is cause I wish to part from combustion and this is way more enjoyable on the lungs and it’s discreetness.

    has anyone have the exact/similar issues? Can you tell me in detail how it happens and how it was over come’d?
  17. Maybe try taking a break and then cut back in the amount you take upon re entry. IMO, you are just pounding your tolerance levels into oblivion. 20 bags a night? 3 grams in a sitting? That’s a lot man.
    Can you get higher quality flower?
  18. I had a volcano for several years. I eventually got rid of it for similar issues. Saw a dr. They suggested the heated air in the bags is the problem, irritates the lungs. It was actually irritating my throat really bad. I use an electric lighter with a water pipe now. I've been smoking more than 1/8 a day for 20 years.
  19. Hey jmcgd,
    Yeah that sounds pretty spot on in my situation, ok I will try taking t breaks with a 1:1 of days. If it goes well, I will try more days in between, i find t breaks these days pretty pointless as I just come back to the same amount in no time.

    it’s what I could get these days, but I do wish I can find someone with concentrates and edibles

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