Volcano taking long to heat up

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by upstate, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. About a month ago i bought a volcano classic. The funny thing is i bought it from someone who bought it from someone who bought it on craigslist, and I have no knowledge of who had it beyond that. I bought it for 300 with extras and it looks beat up but it's completely functional, except for lately it seems like it takes forever to get up to heat. Once it's there it works perfectly. I always forget but tonight I'll time it on my phone and maybe I can compare to someone else.


  2. I just fired it up and used the stopwatch on my phone, took about 4 minute to get from cold to 6.5. I know it's a bitch but if anyone would mind timing their cano from cold to 6.5 that would be awesome. I have two friends with newer volcanos so next time I get mine and theirs in one sesh we'll have a little race haha.
  3. the heating element definitely slows down over time. I had one I bought new and after a year it took noticeably longer
  4. Yeah thats what I was thinking, well thanks for the input this thing has definitely seen some use

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