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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Cbate, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I picked up a volcano this summer and I've got a question for others that use vapes. I like to crush up the the crunchy herb that's in there after my first bag or so inside of a 3x5, and then put it back in. I find this gets more out it, as the next bag is always thick with vapor. I was wondering if anyone else does this as I haven't ever seen it mentioned? It just seems to me that crushing it would greatly increase the surface area. I started doing this when my good grinder was mia.
  2. Ive had a volcano for 4 years now. After every bag, or every 2 bags, depending... I take out the herb, Or use a poker, and mix it up, and then replace it back in, and heat it up again. IT allows for the herb to be more hit evenly so one part of herb is cooked, while the other isnt... you'll conserve your herb this way... Good luck.

    If you got more questions ask. Also, look on fuckcombustion.com for tips and help, and the vape section we have here from others including myself who use vapes.
  3. This also works with the Magic Flight box. Hit a few times, dump, smush it into powder back on the screen, and you'll get good clouds.

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