Volcano or extreme q?

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  1. whats good everyone,

    Ive finally taken the intiative to eliminate tobacco from my smoking routine after 5 years of daily blazing. Sinus infections and bronchitis suck. a lot.

    As a result of this decision i sold my beloved illadelph and am buying a vaporizer. After some hours of searching i've narrowed it down to 2 choices: a volcano or an extreme q. I don't care about the price difference, my main concern is which one functions better. Essentially im looking for optimal high with minimal herb(per bowl, not in total) as well as the cleanest taste. Can anyone offer insight into which of these vapes are better in that regard?

    I'm interested in the extreme q because of it's whip and bag functionality. It's also about $300 less than the volcano, which kind of makes me speculate its quality and durability. however if its equally as functional and just cheaper, i'd gladly save the 3 bills.

    I like the volcano because its a volcano.

    decisions, decisions.
  2. I just ordered the Extreme Q, mainly for the bag feature.

    But I have also heard that Volcano's are a bit overrated for their price.

    Almost have to see if there is someone out there with both to truly see the difference.
  3. Ive got the extreme so it might be a little bias but I have also used a volcano many a times. and I think the extreme is the better choice. volcanos fill the bag much faster but they seem to be needed to be set at a higher temperature.

    and plus my extreme anyway has a remote and that is awesome, why there is no remote for some volcanos idk. some may have them, the way I used didnt.

    volcano pros:
    fast bag fill
    bigger bags
    good for a larger group

    extreme pros:
    small sleek design and the bottom glows blue!

    no one gets you higher so if you cant wait like the extra 2 minutes for the bag to fill buy an oversized volcano, otherwise the sleek extreme is the way to go.
  4. i mostly vapor bong with my extreme q
  5. you sold your bong to get a vape......noooooooo

  6. Yeah, I agree. Nothing quite like vaping through your bong. They really go well together.
  7. I have The Extreme Q...and I love it....I got it off ebay for 170 shipped. Its worth every penny. Ive smoked outta a volcano and the biggest difference is bag fill time. And honestly I timed it and it takes - 3min 40 sec on low
    3min on med
    2min 30 sec on high

    Thats not bad. The volcano fills a bag in 45 sec to a min and has no whip feature. If thats worth 430 bucks to you than go get it. The volcano does have some nice snapping attach so vapor loss is minimal. But still all that isnt worth 430.

    Its very solid and totally legit. I would recommend it to anyone.

    P.S. My brother is the one that owns the Volcano... he would never admit that he wasted his money..,.but he like my extreme q alot.
  8. the volcano isnt a waste of money.. its great for party use but i think it uses more bud and faster. can also waste vapor if you use big bags then just get to baked to finish. i own the EQ and i think its a great vape the best i could own for what i want. i get super high from small amounts and i pretty much ended all combustion of mj bcuz of my EQ:smoke:
  9. I dont think its a waste of money....im not saying that at all. I just think the EQ is a better buy for your money.
  10. you cant beat the EQ for the money. i own an EQ and have a buddy that has an SSV. i smoke both almost daily and the EQ hands down is the better vape. you CAN'T combust with the EQ, but it is very easy to with the SSV if you dont know exactly what your doing. we constantly have to dump the bowl when new people are hitting it. the EQ is also completely hands free and you can leave the bowl attatched with bud without it being wasted. check out aromatek.net, they have it for $199.99 right now. almost makes me want to buy a 2nd one
  11. I too have experience with both my buddy owns a volcano and I own the EQ and everyone we know says the EQ is better. I think the volcano is cool and does what it's designed to do very well but THAT'S ALL IT DOES!!

    The EQ can be used with a whip, bag, bong, and as a air freshener.
    It does all of these VERY well probably better than any other vaporizer ive tried.

    Hope this helps guy.

    If you really wanna get something nice I just heard of this vape that hasn't come out yet but will be out soon called VapExhale which is a vape not unlike the EQ no forced air but instead of a whip it has a bong attachment that doesn't run through a hose but directly hooks up to the vape. Sovergnity and vertigo glass have already joined the company to design the bong side of the vaporizer. If when it comes out the reviews are good i'd probably consider trading up to the VapExhale.
  12. EQ is good machine but I really dislike hot air blowing through my throat.

  13. thus why you vapor bong
  14. Never used an Extreme Q but I own a Volcano classic and I can safely say it's one of the best purchases i've ever made, worth every penny. Also I prefer bags to whips but that's all personal preference.
  15. never used a volcano but the extreme q is amazing i deff recommend it!:hello:
  16. I don't really have much experience with vapes, so here's my question. How do you use a vape and a bong together like others in this thread have said? I don't understand lol
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpq47v0nk2M]YouTube - Stemlime Whole & Skim Milkshots[/ame]
    look up the extreme q the whip ends are ground joints 18.8
  18. idk havent used exq, but the volcano i have, and i gotta say it works no questions asked. Gets me medicated in any situation, only thing i dont like is the warmup time, 2mins. Bongs pack alot faster then 2mins.
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    extreme q, i have the extreme that was made before the Q. The q is supposed to be wayy better than my extreme, I didn't think making this thing better was possible! Its the best vape hands down in my opinion, perfect for 3-4 people with huge bowl and has bag/whip. The volcano is an overpriced piece of shit compared to the extreme q. I recently broke my extreme, the glass piece bowl sits on, which was a huge piece and i thought my vape was done for. I emailed arizer and they sold me a replacement part along with the choice to repair it myself or have them do it. In all it cost me around 40 bucks to get this thing up and running again.

    Also, I heard that the volcano takes about 2 mins to heat up, well this thing does take around that time to get ready to puff vapor but it is superior to the volcano in every way. Its smaller, has a remote, has bag or whip, is $200 cheaper and is just a kick-ass, easy to repair, cheap parts if they break, awesome machine!

    I'm SERIOUSLY going to face-palm if you buy the volcano vape.

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