Volcano Hybrid vaporizer + Freeze bong dual?

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    I have been looking for a clean, cool, thick, flavorful, vaporized flower hit for ages now.
    I have tried a bong with an ice catcher, and connecting it to a Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer with a silicone tube. I find that the ice just masks the hot vapor and you get both cool and hot air.
    I don't know if it's possible any more to get a cool flower vapor hit anymore.
    But I discovered the freeze pipe duo bong, with freezable glycerin coils (https://thefreezepipe.com/), and I am willing to buy into the hybrid vaporizer (https://www.storz-bickel.com/en-us/volcanohybrid, for better temperature control and air pump) + freeze duo set up (~$1k total) if it means finally finding the toke I'm looking for. (Edit: I want to connect the hybrid tube into the bowl of the freeze bong.)
    I've smoked for years and vaped for years and now I stick to homemade edibles because neither feel right to me anymore.
    Will the vapor just condense in this set up? Will it be cool? Will it have flavor?
    I see that GC has a sale ending soon. Hopefully I get some answers by then.
    Thank you.
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    I have a hybrid and I'm not impressed
    Owned a volcano classic since 2005
    My vape set up on the left and the filling chamber and biggest problem with the hybrid on the right
    To start with and this has been my experience, the first bag has flavor and everything after that tastes like old shoe
    You have to slowly vape and take a terpenes hit on a low temp and increase temps in small increments to vaporize the various cannabinoids
    Getting flavorful hits and thick clouds means turning up the temps and it will be the first bag has all the flavor and the rest is just thc hits, unpleasant taste

    If you vape at 180c-190c then you get a passable first bag and the rest has a bitter taste

    It is important to clean the filling chamber daily as the residue on the metal will cook after each use and affect flavor

    There are things called ball vapes that use lab made ruby, sapphire and Silicon carbide balls to heat up air that you draw through a packed bowl



    Another site I belong to and some guys you should speak to regarding flavorful hits

    The above is an example of a homemade ball vape

    Here is a commercial one, don't be surprised by the price


    I watch a YouTube channel called the strain show
    They broke 2 of those glycerin freeze bongs
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  3. Thank you for such a quick and detailed reply
    I want to connect the hybrid tube into the bowl of the freeze bong instead of filling the bags. The freeze bong claims that it can cool down by at least 300 degrees farenheit (149 celsius). I don't know if the vapor will liquify or what the hits will feel like. That is what I would like to know before buying these products.
    I will look into the strain show.
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    There are vape heads who swear by room temperature or even sub boiling point water to mellow the hits

    Here are two whips
    One is the connection for sipping vapor from the volcano
    The other is used in a Ditanium vaporizer and has an 18mm adapter that you can attach to the whip and put into the freeze pipe

    18mm Glass Vape Adapter.
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  5. I'm pretty sure I want to cool the vapor.
    I planned on just removing the mouth piece and putting the tube into the freeze dual bong (has 2 freezable parts), but I will look into the adapter.
    Do you have an idea for the hits would be like for a combo like this?
    Thanks again tb12
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  6. It will hit hard and fast
    If you use the air pump on the volcano to force air through the whip into the water pipe make sure to do a test run first and lay out a towel

    The folks on vapor asylum know a lot more than I do and an active discussion on ball vapes is going on
    You will know the thread by the adolescent title "show me your balls"
    Aahhh! The internet

    I go by tincandtoke (tinc and toke)tincture and toking
    Mostly edibles but I have been trying the vape scene
    Live resin in a banger is nice flavor and instant high

    Edit: highly recommend the adapter
    Big difference in the hits
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  7. All of this makes sense. You are the best.
    I believe the volcano will provide enough heat, and being careful with the air pump makes sense. How well do you think the cooling will work as it flows through a freeze bong?
    I will ask on vapor asylum also.
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  8. The air inside the tube will be cool so as u draw the vapor and mix it with the cool air I think some measurable results are there
    A YouTube and twitch creator cewpins drinks a little water before a hit and states that it also helps
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