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Volcano hits tighten/bother my throat..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G13, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Any ideas on this guys? I'll take a rip and my throat will feel weird, like small pokes or spikes, nothing major but still bothers you. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what it is. Could it be the temperature? I've got it set between 6 & 7 so it's not too bad. Could it be that it's cold outside so when I'm done ripping the Volcano lung and I breathe in the outside air, my throat tightens? Maybe it's just the highly concentrated vapors?

    Any ideas on this guys?
  2. It's killing you, give it to me. :rolleyes:

    But no, I have absolutely no idea what could be causing that. Hope it works out for ya, bud.
  3. I don't know what causes it but lately that;s been happening to me too... I finf the lower the temp the less it happens. I usually have mine at 7
  4. Might wanna get it looked at...

    I have a friend who has to take something every day because he almost died when he smoked. His throat swelled up and I guess it almost created holes somewhere...

    Be careful, man.
  5. Ya man you probably wanna go get checked out....I have never experianced anything like that from the cano and neither has anyone I have talked to in real life or on the internet....If you are feeling small spikes in your throat I can only imagine that it's not good.
  6. Does this help/make any more sense:

    I turned the temperature down from 6.5/7 to 5.5 and I didn't feel hardly anything at all. NOTHING compared to 7+, anyway. I think it might've just been that I was vaping it so hot it was such highly concentrated vapor (it looked 100% like smoke in the bag) that it messed with my lungs or throat.

    Make sense to anyone else?
  7. ive had a roor since june and It used to be my daily driver. After a day of bong smoking Id go to bed feeling choked by all the phlegm In my throat. it was relatively painful not joking. Since then Ive only smoked 2-3 half packed bowls a day and it still kind of bothers me. Im used to smoking hitters n shit tho...

    Youll wake up feeling better hopefully. Toke on id say

    I agree with the tight pokes or spikes Definately I can see how youd think that. my throat just feels like someones strangling me tightly
  8. Oh yeah, absolutely, every day man. I actually don't even feel it after I'm done. Like, 30 seconds after my last rip my throat'll be completely fine. And yeah, when I wake up the next day it's fine too. It's *only* when I'm ripping. I'm 99% sure it's just the same thing as someone almost puking after a huge bong rip, ya know? Could be wrong, but that's my theory. Anyone else have any ideas?
  9. Yea dude I think I know what your talking about I have a volcano too. I find that when I vape about a zip or 2 through my volcano it will start to build up some brown gew dont really know what to call it but all I know is it makes the vapor much harsher for me. All I do is take it all apart the mouthpiece,valve and filling chamber and I soak it all in rubbing alcohol 90%. hope this helps:smoke:
  10. Yeah, I do 6.5-7, and I really am curious if this is why I've got this very very bad sore throat I'm suffering from now. I do know this feeling you guys refer to however. It feels almost like a burn in my throat.
  11. I have only used a volcano a couple times but with my vaporizer I never really have this problem. Most of the time I stick the hose into my bong with no water, just a bunch of ice in the chamber, and it makes the vapor extremely cool and seems to get rid of throat irritation.
  12. hm i vape too and i use a mini water filter & cold water but i still feel that same tingly feeling. it doesnt hurt like a deep rip on a blunt, but its a little scratch that annoys the fuck out of you.. running the smoke through cold water helps alot though. and you dont feel it as much if you exhale slowly. and drink something between hits

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