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Why am I not getting any vape out of a brand new digital Volcano?I pre-heated the machine to 330.

  1. Is there a step that I need to do that I have overlooked?

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  2. Is my brnad new machine faulty?

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  1. I recently purchased a Digital Volcano.I heated the machine to 330 degrees. Next I loaded in my herbs to the solid valve chamber. The bag inflates but I'm not getting any vaper? It's a brand new machine is there some safety seal that I need to remove? I'd appreciate any pointers that I maybe overlooking, thanks.
  2. Try going to 350. At 330 your not going to see any vapour. I start at 350 and go up to 370

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  3. Perfect thanks for the suggestion!
  4. How's it working for you now?

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  5. It's working great! I've been using it around 350-360. Thanks for the help.
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