Volcano Classic & Volcano Digit Review by ECTTV

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by EastCoastToke, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Here are both units, in my eyes.

    My Arizer, being such a small portion of the price of a Volcano works fine though.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quXHB3UXUOI]EastCoastToke's Volcano Classic & Volcano Digit Review + - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Good review, I have the volcano digit myself and Iove it to death, I found the perfect vaping temps to get the most out of my bud are (1st Bag) 77 F (2nd Bag) 80 F (3rd Bag) 87F and 95F for last bag and keep it at 95 for the rest of the bags- i found i Get the thickest vapor that aay and get the most out of my bud, my next purchase is going to be the pax by ploom but I'm waiting to see the new 2013 model, I was going to get the cloud pen but I heard of the fake company so I don't want to risk buying it from the fake one lol, very good review, the extreme q seems cool cuz u can have a bag and a whip/ which would be cool also if the volcano had a whip attachment lol
  3. The fact the Volcano bag system fills faster I thing it's cool being bag only. .simply cause it runs through 'em so fast.

    I got multiple cloud pens, and if you get themf rom the legit company they are good. They have knock offs, but I point that out in my review, it's also on my youtube channel.. one of my most recent vids.

    I bought a knock off one and the battery didnt even heat the coil, i used the same coil in my cloud pen and it heated. Fucking frauds.
  4. Only problem with the volcano is the air filters, I can't buy any separately so I have to buy the damn starter kit which is 200$!-same with screens/ For only 2 little sponges lol I havnt changed my original air filter yet because it hasn't gotten clogged( I don't think it can like they say it can-But I could be wrong lol) had it for over a year or 2 now still have the other 2 in the bag in case I need to change it/ il watch your review of the cloud and yeah I seem some videos showing that, damn that sucks, what's more surprising though is how a whole company got started though and it was legit Fake! but man lol they must have tried hard xD good thing their getting sued!
  5. What's the prob? A google search for "volcano air filters" yields a ton of 2 packs for under $10 shipped. The same is true for other parts.

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