Volcano bongs...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by silby, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. just got this sick bong from a local convenience store,

    11-inch glass,
    glass contacts :(
    ice pinch.

    but I've never heard of Volcano bongs though...are they legit?

    and also is there anything i should know about perc/diffusers anytips??

    thanks <3 keep blazing!

  2. Probably china, post a pic
  3. It's definitely a China bong, why is there a sadface next to glass on glass contact?
  4. I bought one that sounds very similar to yours for $60 from a local headshop in the gta, it's china glass but hey what the heck it's still a nice rip.

  5. Because i've always been skeptic about glass contacts and their seal.

    and here are two pics...

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  6. If your worried about air leakage on a glass on glass joint then you can stop worrying
  7. Definitely from china, but GonG is really nothing to worry about.

    Also, so long as it's not too draggy, nice pick up.

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