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Discussion in 'General' started by Cisum135, May 12, 2010.

  1. SO my room mate bought a volcano vaporizer about a year ago. At first it was great, I would hit it and it was super smooth and would fuck your shit up. Over time though I began coughing which has escalated to the worst coughing Ive ever had consistently. More than that though, I think my throat actually closes up because I start wheezing and have trouble getting a good breath in at all sometimes. When I smoked a regular bowl it was fine though. I also after a while stopped getting high from the volcano. Or at least I had to smoke a ton which was really difficult. I can't think of any reason why this is happening unless there is some difference in the chemical reaction (burning vs vaporizing) that I am allergic to or something, but I don't know anything about that. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

    I smoke several times a day and have for years so I am not new to weed and different methods of ingesting it, this is the only thing that makes me feel like this.
  2. That's really strange man. I've never heard of anything like that. You're getting the same chemicals in vapor as you are in smoke, just in higher concentrations in the former, so I'm not sure what could be causing it.

    I mean I sometimes notice a tickling in my throat when I take too much vapor which can sometimes turn to irritation, but it's nothing a few coughs and some water won't take care of. I even have strep throat right now, and I've been vaping constantly...and it's the only relief I get from the incessant sore throat and painful coughs.

    And welcome to GC :D

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